The money difference guarantees the income of rice 65/66, the 22nd installment of Dec. Kor. Sor. What date did you transfer? Check now.

Mr. Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed that the sub-committee supervised and set the central criteria for project reference.Income insurance for rice farmers has considered the benchmark reference price and compensation for the price difference Rice Farmer Income Insurance Program 2022/23 or “Rice Income Insurance 65/66” The 22nd installment is […]

Palm Oil News – 130 Palm Oil Companies Registered at SIMIRAH 2

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As of July 1, 2022, 130 companies have registered to the Bulk Cooking Oil Information System (SIMIRAH) 2.0. From the official statement received by the Ministry of Industry, InfoSAWITSunday (3/7/2022), it was stated that of the total there were 51 crude palm oil (MSM/CPO) producers and 79 palm cooking oil (MGS) producers. […]

Oil Palm Farmers Shout to Lift Export Ban, Ministry of Trade Officials Say This

Jakarta – Oil palm farmers complained that the ban on exports of crude palm oil (CPO) and cooking oil products had a bad impact on their condition. Currently, the tanks where farmers sell fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of oil palm are full and prices have also plummeted. In response to this, the Ministry of Trade […]

Entrepreneurs Claim Hundreds of Billion Loss Due to Cooking Oil

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Association of Indonesian Vegetable Oil Industries (GIMNI) claims hundreds of billions of rupiah in losses due to ‘wishy’ policies Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Trade) related to cooking oil. “Hundreds of billions of them have lost (cooking oil companies),” said GIMNI Executive Director Sahat Sinaga when met at the Indonesian […]

Ministry of Trade Blames Public Panic Buying in Rare Cooking Oil

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Commerce say scarcity cooking oil lately triggered by panic buying or panic buying public. The panic buying triggered residents to ‘hoard’ cooking oil at home. Inspector General of the Ministry of Trade Didid Noordiatmoko said the suspicion was based on the recent production of cooking oil which was already […]

Tracing Where Cooking Oil Runs

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Price spike cooking oil the last few months still not resolved. This problem can at least be seen from the scarcity and price spikes in several regions in Indonesia that are still happening today. In Jakarta, an area just a stone’s throw from the Palace, a lot of cooking oil is […]

Cooking Oil is Rare in the Market, Ministry of Trade Reveals the culprit – Supply cooking oil in the market is still rare until now. If anything, the price is still quite expensive compared to before the increase in early 2022. The government has also been looking for a solution to overcome the scarcity of cooking oil supply in the market, but the various policies issued have […]

Revealed! This is Foreign E-commerce that President Jokowi hates

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Looking back, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) previously issued a recommendation that the Indonesian people hate foreign products and love domestic products. Related to this, the Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi said this happened because there were foreign e-commerce that sell imported products unhealthy and kill local MSMEs. “It is necessary to […]

Get ready! Tofu and Tempe Prices Will Rise

Jakarta – The public must be prepared, the price know and tempeh will rise in the next few months. The Ministry of Trade stated that the increase in the price of tempeh and tofu occurred as a result of rising global soybean prices. The Director General of Domestic Trade, Oke Nurwan, said that Indonesia was […]