Oil Palm Farmers Shout to Lift Export Ban, Ministry of Trade Officials Say This


Oil palm farmers complained that the ban on exports of crude palm oil (CPO) and cooking oil products had a bad impact on their condition. Currently, the tanks where farmers sell fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of oil palm are full and prices have also plummeted.

In response to this, the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) said it was still working and trying to monitor cooking oil prices, especially bulk cooking oil throughout Indonesia. The target for reducing the price of bulk cooking oil is Rp. 14,000 per liter or Rp. 15,500 per kilo.

“We are monitoring together with the Food Task Force for bulk oil needs at prices that have been set by the government. We have seen 50 percent of the area. We want to meet the needs of 10,000 regions in Indonesia,” said the Acting Director General of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade. Veri Anggrijono to detikcom, Monday (16/5/2022).

He hoped that the effort to lower the price of bulk cooking oil would not take too long. “Now there are no queues, some areas are also priced (bulk cooking oil) some have approached Rp. 16,000/liter and some have reached Rp. 14,000/liter,” he continued.

Therefore, Veri said that his party hopes that the situation will recover and will not have too much impact on farmers.

“We hope that this can recover quickly so that we can return to normal to open exports. Because we want farmers not to be too affected by that. We also have to pay attention to these things. We also don’t want to sacrifice farmers,” he said.

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Regarding when the target of the oil export ban will be lifted, Veri did not explain in detail the exact time. He only said that the export ban would be lifted if the price of bulk cooking oil of Rp. 14,000/liter had occurred in almost all regions in Indonesia.

“As soon as the price is Rp. 14,000/liter in almost all regions, we will propose (revocation of the export ban). We hope the sooner the better. Please be patient, we are trying as quickly as possible, we will continue to work to monitor prices in the market,” he said.

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