Price List of Packaged Cooking Oil at Indomaret-Alfamart which is down

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — cooking oil price packaging was observed to fall to Rp. 2,000 at a number of retail outlets Indomaret and Alfamart in Jakarta, Saturday (30/4). At the Indomaret gas station in Tendean, Mampang, for example, the price of Sania, Sovia and Fortune dropped to close to Rp. 45 thousand per two liters. […]

The Government Only Bans RBD Palm Oil Exports, CPO Is Still Allowed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy for Food and Agribusiness Coordination at the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy Musdhalifah Machmud said the government would continue to allow exports crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative products. According to him, those who are prohibited from exporting in the midst of a crisis cooking oil in the homeland […]

Latest Packaged Cooking Oil Price List at Indomaret and Alfamart

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Price cooking oil packaging in a number of retail Modern technology in Jakarta was observed to be the same as last week. In Indomaret Jalan Pasar Minggu Raya, South Jakarta, for example, the price of packaged cooking oil for the Sovia brand is still at IDR 48,500 for a two liter […]

Entrepreneurs Claim Hundreds of Billion Loss Due to Cooking Oil

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Association of Indonesian Vegetable Oil Industries (GIMNI) claims hundreds of billions of rupiah in losses due to ‘wishy’ policies Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Trade) related to cooking oil. “Hundreds of billions of them have lost (cooking oil companies),” said GIMNI Executive Director Sahat Sinaga when met at the Indonesian […]

The prestige of cooking oil at Alfamart and Indomaret is getting dimmer

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Cooking oil at a number of modern retailers in the area Jakarta The South began to be empty of fans. This is in line with the revocation of the highest retail price (HET) of packaged cooking oil by the government and returning it to the market mechanism. The revocation of the […]

Latest List of Cooking Oil Prices at Indomaret & Alfamart: Bimoli to Sania

Jakarta – The cooking oil in Indomaret and Alfamart is now different. This happened after the government decided to revoke the provision for the highest retail price (HET) for packaged cooking oil. The price of packaged cooking oil currently follows the market price. So it is not surprising that the price of cooking oil such […]

KPPU Finds Pile of 1 Million Liters of Cooking Oil in the Musim Mas Warehouse

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) Medan Regional Office I found a pile of 1 million liters cooking oil premium packaging with the Sunco brand and 30 thousand liters of simple packaged cooking oil under the M&M brand at the PT Musim Mas manufacturer’s warehouse on Jalan Kol Yos Sudarso Medan on […]

List of Latest Cooking Oil Prices Details at Alfamart and Indomaret

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indomaret and Alfamart impose price cooking oil the latest packaging starting this Thursday (17/3). The price was imposed in line with the government’s policy of removing the highest retail price of packaged cooking oil starting Wednesday (16/3). One of the implementations of the latest prices is at Alfamart and Indomaret in […]

Observer’s Warning about the Danger of IDR 14,000 Bulk Cooking Oil HET

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Executive Director of the Center of Economics and Law Studies (CELIOS) Bhima Yudhistira criticized the government’s policy of only subsidizing bulk cooking oil with Highest Retail Price (IT) Rp14 ribu. He estimates that the policy could have fatal consequences, especially for packaged cooking oil. The reason is that the price of […]

HET Packaged Cooking Oil Revoked, Bulk Rp14 thousand

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government sets policies cooking oil price new packaging. In this policy, cooking oil packaging will be adjusted to the economic price. With this policy, the determination of the highest retail price (HET) for packaged cooking oil of Rp. 14 thousand will be revoked and submitted to the market mechanism.Coordinating Minister […]