Windows 10 End-of-Life: Transition to Windows 11 Leads to Massive Computer Scrappage

Windows 10 End-of-Life: Transition to Windows 11 Leads to Massive Computer Scrappage

In two years, Windows 10 will enter the end-of-life phase. That’s forcing many Windows users to turn to Windows 11 instead, and that could lead to many computers being scrapped. Because I can’t use Windows 11. An important requirement for Windows 11 is TPM 2.0, which is only available on newer motherboards, so users will … Read more

Ayaneo Flip KB DS: A Handheld Device with a Miniature Keyboard and Dual Screens

Ayaneo Flip KB DS: A Handheld Device with a Miniature Keyboard and Dual Screens

Ayaneo Unveils Flip KB and DS Handheld Devices with ‌Dual Screens Ayaneo, a leading technology company, has recently unveiled its‍ latest handheld devices,⁣ the⁢ Flip ​KB and DS. These devices resemble a small notebook and ⁣handheld from the GPD Win series,‌ as they ⁤feature ‍analog‍ sticks and buttons, ⁢along with a miniature yet fully‍ functional … Read more

Bill Gates was obsessed with Minesweeper, which is why he later helped promote Xbox

I don’t have any proof of that, but I’d say it’s connected to Solitaire Hledn min (originally Minesweeper) one of the most played pota games ever. Its primitive rules, inappropriately generated puzzles and easy availability of it made it a distraction for office rats, easy for procrastinators from the time before social media. At the … Read more

Turn oi upside down? With the new On contact function in Nvidia Broadcast it is not recognized

Tensor cores of Nvidia RTX series graphics cards find new and new applications. In the latest version of the Nvidia Broadcast program, there was a function called laconically On contact. It can in real time process the data from the web camera so that even when you move your eyes here and there, on the … Read more

Microsoft significantly lays off, 10,000 employees will be laid off

illustration picture | photo: Luděk Vokáč, More tech companies are gearing up for massive job cuts. They are thus preparing for the effects of economic problems in the world. The measure, according to Microsoft’s announcement, will reduce earnings per share by 12 cents. The company’s shares responded to the announcement with a slight rise. … Read more

Microsoft plans to invest $10,000 million in OpenAI, which owns ChatGPT

ChatGPT and OpenAI: the fury of Artificial Intelligence Chat GPT has the ability to respond to questions and requests in natural language. For example, you might be asked to write anything from an academic essay to a poem, or write a line of programming code. However, this has caused controversy. Recently, schools in New York … Read more

How to View Wifi Password on Windows and Macbook Laptops, Easy and Practical

loading… How to see wifi passwords on windows laptops and macbooks can be done easily. DOK SINDOnews’ photo JAKARTA – How to view password wifi on laptop windows and macbook it can be done easily. By understanding this review, users don’t need to be confused anymore to see the password from the connection wifi connected … Read more

How to Use Microsoft PC Game Pass Service, During Preview Only IDR 1,500

loading… Microsoft previewed the PC Game Pass service in a number of countries in Asia, one of which was Indonesia. Photo: Microsoft dock JAKARTA – Microsoft announced their new service PC Game Pass in several countries in Asia. Namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The service provides access to more than 100 high-quality games. … Read more

Nov tablety Samsungu jdou po krku pikovm notebookm s Windows

Sv notebooky v esku Samsung u njakou dobu neprodv, nicmn ji nkolik let je tu alespo sten nhrada v podob pikovch tablet ady Galaxy Tab S. Ty te pichzej v nov generaci S8, kter se sten inspirovala u pikov modelov ady Galaxy S22. A nov je schopna jet vce konkurovat tradinm laptopm s Windows. Podobn … Read more