PC Doesn’t Support Windows 11, Try Using Linux It Looks Similar

Jakarta – Windows 11 has been released by Microsoft, but not all PCs get this operating system update. If your device is one of them but still want to experience updates from the successor of Windows 10, you can use Linux this one. Named Windowsfx 11, this operating system brings some of the Windows 11 […]

How to upgrade to Windows 11 even if your PC is a little too old

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced new minimum requirements for the hardware on which the operating system can run. Among other things, a relatively new processor is required and that the security module called TPM 2.0 is available and activated. But it is entirely possible to upgrade older PCs to Windows 11 as well, by […]

Nobody can upgrade to Windows 11 because of the law from 22 years ago! | techread

Microsoft, last Tuesday Windows 11launched the . Although there are many users updating this new operating system, it happens that in one of the countries with the largest number of computer users in the world, practically no one Windows 11Cannot upgrade to . This country, until a few months ago Microsoft Windows 11one of the […]

Index – Economy – There are problems with Windows 11

Windows 11 has officially been released, several computer owners are already using it, and others are now upgrading to the latest release, said the infostart.hu. Meanwhile, AMD is warning its processors of power loss. The U.S. vendor and Microsoft have also found two bugs in the latest Windows that could interfere with the system’s normal […]

Windows 11 on AMD Ryzen Processors Causes Some Application Slowdown

REDMOND, iNews.id – Windows 11 already available to users, but Ryzen computer users seem to have to hold back first. There are a number of issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors that cause apps to run slower. In a post published on the website AMD, the company warns Ryzen owners who install and upgrade […]

Windows 11 makes a computer with AMD Ryzen slow, this is the reason

Microsoft officially launches its newest operating system Windows 11 which offers a fresh look and new features. Ironically, the processor-based computer users AMD Ryzen will feel the computer performance is slow or reduced after installing Windows 11. In the support page on the official website, AMD already know the problem and reveal the two factors […]

Windows 11 Makes Some PCs with AMD Processors Experience Performance Problems

Windows 11 features a sleek new design with pastel colors, rounded corners, a new startup sound, and an overall more Mac-like appearance. In Windows 11 you will find many new desktop features, such as widgets that can give you information at a glance, and creation desktop easier virtual. Quoted by CNet, at the Microsoft Build […]

Don’t lose data, here’s how to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10

KONTAN.CO.ID – Don’t lose data, here’s how downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. You can practice if you have difficulty adapting to Windows 11, find bug, or some application is not compatible with that OS. Microsoft recently officially released its newest Windows operating system (OS) worldwide. Laptop or PC users with specifications that meet […]