Christmas market in Lower Saxony: there is still hope here!

Region38. More and more circles in the region38 and in Lower Saxony are considered a risk area. That means: special events fall into the water in many places. But in some areas in Lower Saxony there is still hope for one Christmas Market – albeit in a modified form. We have taken a closer look […]

Grizzlys Wolfsburg for the DEL start at home against Krefeld

Four days before Christmas Eve starts for that Grizzlys Wolfsburg the real season in the northern season, which was divided into two parts this season German ice hockey league (DEL). On Sunday, December 20th, they start with a home game against the Krefeld Penguins. Three days earlier, the Cologne versus Düsseldorf derby opens the 2020/21 […]

Wolfsburg scored Pavlenko five goals and is still undefeated in the league

The Wolfsburg footballers defeated Bremen 5: 3 in the German league and even after the 9th round they remain in the competition without defeat. Werder lost to goalkeeper Jiří Pavlenka and defender Theodor Gebre Selassie for the first time after a series of five draws with the same result of 1: 1. Today, it was […]

Eintracht Frankfurt are defeated by Wolfsburg 0: 3

Noh numbers, it was an extension of the unsuccessful series in the women’s soccer Bundesliga, felt like a step forward. Frankfurter Eintracht lost 3-0 on Friday evening against last year’s double winner VfL Wolfsburg, but showed a good performance. Head coach Niko Arnautis even spoke of a “top performance” by his team, with which he […]

Sergej Belov silences critics

November 18, 2020 at 7:35 pm Paid content: With penguins victory : Sergej Belov silences critics <!– <!– <!– Striker Nikita Shatsky tries to block the shot here. The puck is safe prey for goalkeeper Sergej Belov. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld The Russian goalkeeper of the Krefeld Pinguine earned praise from many quarters after […]

After 1: 3 bankruptcy in Krefeld: Grizzly professionals self-critical

The business trip to Krefeld had Grizzlys Wolfsburg presented completely different. “The penguins came out of the cabin better than we did in the first two thirds. That wasn’t our standard, ”said Phillip Bruggisser after the 1: 3 of his new team with his old team on the second match day of the Magenta Sport […]

Furchner is aiming for the tournament victory with the Grizzlies Wolfsburg

With the game Bremerhaven against Krefeld, the Magenta Sport Cup begins on Wednesday from 7.30 p.m. and thus finally something like an ice hockey season in the German upper house. The Grizzlys Wolfsburg are one of eight participating clubs in this preparatory tournament, which is trend-setting in Corona times. “I don’t believe it until I’m […]

Will Wolfsburg remain unbeaten on matchday eight?

1. Bundesliga 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam challenges VfL Wolfsburg in the top game. With Turb. Potsdam, Wolfsburg is playing against a team at eye level – at least a look at the current standings of the two teams suggests this. Potsdam ranks third on the table with 16 points. Keeping the goalkeeper offensive in check […]

Climate Council wants to bring Wolfsburg into the Climate Alliance

Farmers, the city forester, BUND, Nabu, the VW environmental department, all political groups, as well as the administration from traffic planning to the environmental office – the climate council came together with concentrated force for its very first meeting. And immediately had the first, trend-setting items and opinions on the agenda. 1700 municipalities across Europe […]