Olympics Sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing are in the preliminary program of OH 2028. Three sports are eliminated

Boxing and weightlifting have struggled in recent years with corruption scandals, doping, leadership problems, finances and referees. The International Olympic Committee, which published a preliminary list today, has previously warned them that if they do not make the necessary reforms, they will be excluded from the program. The modern pentathlon must address the planned elimination […]

Spontaneous camp of migrants near the Belarusian-Polish border dismantled

Photo: Still from video Cleaning up a spontaneous camp near the Belarusian-Polish border Minsk turned to Warsaw with a request to restore traffic through Bruzgi and not to close the railway communication. In Belarus, border guards began to clean up the territory of the spontaneous camp of migrants, set up at the border checkpoint Bruges […]

Check out Horizon Forbidden West’s new capabilities

In the first gameplay footage from Horizon Forbidden Westwhich Sony showed in June this year, we saw several new Aloy capabilities. You have now decided to introduce the Guerrilla Games studio in more detail. The main heroine Aloy can free climbing on rocky terrain, ride multiple machines, use the hook to verticality, swim and dive […]

Wedding after a failed Olympics! Climber Ondra is already in chomout

The Tokyo Olympics did not go as planned. He figured in the medal game for a long time, but in the end he finished sixth at the Olympic premiere of sport climbing. However, the climber Adam Ondra threw the failure behind his head and now he is happy with his marriage to his longtime girlfriend […]