Cruise Missiles and Kamikaze Drones: Attacks on Ukraine by Russia

Cruise Missiles and Kamikaze Drones: Attacks on Ukraine by Russia

Cruise missiles “Caliber” and kamikaze drones Shahed-136, capable of bringing down a multi-storey building due to the weight and detonation of tens of kilograms of explosives on board, attacked Ukraine again. Flying ammunition the army of the country-terrorist Russia launched in Odessa and the regionaccording to monitoring channels, from the airfield in Primorsko-Akhtarsk in the … Read more

Russian Army Launches Shahed Drones for Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine

Russian Army Launches Shahed Drones for Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine

On the night of August 2, the Russian army launched groups of Shahed drones, stuffed with tens of kilograms of explosives, for a new terrorist attack on various regions of Ukraine. Explosions in Kyiv and suburbs (source, as well as in Izmail in the south of Odessa (local publics). One direction of attack is … Read more

Night Attack: Russia’s Terrorist Army Strikes Kyiv with Rockets and Kamikaze Drones

On the night of June 2, the army of the terrorist country of Russia attacked the capital with rockets and kamikaze drones: journalists and interlocutors reported on the sounds of explosions in Kyiv and the suburbs June 1 after 23:00 head of Dnepropetrovsk OVA Lysak urged “do not ignore air raid signals anytime soon … Read more

Russia Launches Massive Attack on Ukrainian Capital of Kyiv

On the night of May 30, Russia massively attacked the capital of Ukraine loitering ammunition Shahed-136, shooting, explosions were heard, fires were observed in the city due to falling debris. This is the 17th terrorist state attack on Kyiv in May 2023. Judging by the trend of alarm spreading, Shaheeds first flew to the capital … Read more

Russia Fires Kh-22 Missiles and Kamikaze Drones in Odessa and Northern Regions

Approximately half an hour before midnight on May 8, explosions were heard in Odessa and the region: about this reported by four interlocutors in the region. It later emerged that Russia had fired Kh-22 missiles. At the same time, the invaders launched kamikaze drones of the Shahed-131/136 type in the northern regions, and air … Read more

Zelensky says Ukraine has shot down nearly 90 Iranian kamikaze drones

Loading… President Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine shot down nearly 90 Iranian kamikaze drones in two days KIEV – Ukraine shot down 89 kamikaze drone artificial Iran , also known as Shahed-136, in two days. This was directly stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. “It’s only been two days into the year and the … Read more

Air defense works in Kiev, Iranian Russians are shot down for the second night in a row Shahed: video, chronicle

A few minutes before January 2, an air raid was announced in the Kiev region following the south and center of Ukraine due to an attack by Shahed kamikaze drones. Soon after, explosions thundered in the region and in the capital; regional authorities reported on the work of the air defense. Follow us on Telegram: … Read more

Fighter jet hit by Iranian drone, selfie of Ukrainian pilot with face full of blood

Loading… Major Vadym Voroshylov, a Ukrainian pilot who took a selfie with a bloodied face after his fighter jet was hit by a Russian-operated Iranian kamikaze drone. Photo/Instagram/@___karaya___ KIEV – A MiG-29 fighter jet pilot Ukraine ejected after his aircraft was hit droneIranian-made suicide bombers operated by troops Russia . The pilot took his time … Read more

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the consequences of a lancet blow on a howitzer (video)

The Russian Federation claimed to have destroyed the Ukrainian D-20 howitzer, but nothing but the wheel was found to be damaged. The Ukrainian military in the Kherson region showed the results of hitting a D-20 howitzer from a Lancet drone. BihusInfo reports it. Servicemen of the 59th separate mechanized brigade named after Yakov Gandzyuk demonstrated … Read more

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned that the occupiers are likely to stockpile missiles for a new massive attack

“In fact, when there were four massive bombings, which we had in October … The enemy has been accumulating its funds for several months,” the speaker noted. He also said that now Russian factories to replenish cruise missile losses are working on three shifts, since the occupiers have not abandoned their intentions to destroy Ukraine’s … Read more