Russia Launches Massive Attack on Ukrainian Capital of Kyiv

On the night of May 30, Russia massively attacked the capital of Ukraine loitering ammunition Shahed-136, shooting, explosions were heard, fires were observed in the city due to falling debris. This is the 17th terrorist state attack on Kyiv in May 2023.

Judging by the trend of alarm spreading, Shaheeds first flew to the capital from the south – through the Kherson, Nikolaev, Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions. IN 01:35 the siren howled in the Kyiv region.

IN 01:38 Chernihiv region also “blushed”. At such a time, this usually means flying drones from the north, from the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden.

IN 02:06 the alarm sounded in Kyiv, and in 02:20 gunfire and explosions were heard in the city.

02:23. That’s confirmation: air defense works on enemy drones in Kyiv.

02:31. Mayor of Kyiv Klitschko also confirmed explosions in the capital and urged to remain in shelters: “All services sent on a call to the Podolsk region”.

02:36. Alarm in the Zhytomyr region. Apparently, some “shaheeds” flew to the west.

02:42–02:43. Air defense work over Kyiv.

02:50. Due to falling debris lit private house in Darnytskyi district.

03:00. Doctors in Goloseevsky district hospitalized 27-year-old victim.

03:01. Klitschko declaredthat there were also explosions in the Pechersk region: “Massive attack! Do not leave shelters.”

03:04. Klitschko: “More explosion in the Podolsk region. In Pechersk, three cars are on fire as a result of falling debris.

03:07–03:09. Air defense works, visually confirmed downing.

03:07. Also a fall debris in the Goloseevsky district.

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03:15–03:18. Active air defense.

03:22–03:23. Work on air targets continuesshoot down at low altitude.

03:25. Klitschko: “Goloseevsky and again Podolsky district. Explosions. Rescuers and paramedics are on the way.”

03:38. High-altitude target interception. A loud explosion that was heard in the suburbs.

03:38-03:47. Air defense work does not stop. Targets are being intensively shot down in one of the districts of Kyiv.

03:42. Fire in an apartment building in Goloseevsky area and house fire in Podolsk.

03:48. The effective operation of the air defense system tonight. Interception after interception.

03:49. Falling fragments in the Dnieper region in non-residential buildings.

03:54. In the Goloseevsky district, where there is a fire in a high-rise building, evacuate residents. Found one victim.

04:01. Klitschko, probably delayed, reported the explosion in Svyatoshinsky area. There, previouslydebris fell on the territory of one of the enterprises.

Chronicle after 04:15 is not updated. Everything after this timestamp will appear in the news feed in the morning.

Why did Russia intensify rocket and drone attacks on Kyiv in May? Possible answer – in the analysis “Hunting for a Patriot”. Head of GUR Budanov responded to these attacks with a promise: “They will be sorry.”

2023-05-29 23:22:00

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