3 NATO countries that do not want to give fighter jets to Ukraine

loading… Three NATO countries refused to provide fighter jets to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion. Photo/REUTERS JAKARTA – Ukraine has repeatedly made requests for weapons ranging from tanks, submarines to fighter jets in order to defend against the Russian invasion. Requests for tanks have been agreed by several NATO countries, including European countries and […]

Kremlin Supports NATO Tank Contest with IDR 1 Billion Prize

loading… The Kremlin supports a cash prize contest for the destruction of NATO tanks if they are sent to Ukraine. The biggest prize offered so far is over IDR 1 billion. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – The Kremlin supports a contest with cash prizes to seize or burn NATO battle tanks to be sent to Ukraine . […]

Russia Threats Israel If Desperately Sends Iron Dome Missile System to Ukraine

loading… Israel threatens military action against Israel if it dares to send the Iron Dome missile system to Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia threatening military action targeting arms shipments Israel whatever to Ukraine . The threat arose after the Zionist regime considered sending the Iron Dome missile defense system to Kiev to counter a Moscow […]

Putin Reveals the Most Important Mission for the Russian Military

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the restoration of housing infrastructure in the border region, February 1, 2023. Photo/Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Ukraine should not have the ability to target Russia’s border areas. Putin on Monday (30/1/2023) added, this is the mission of the Ministry of Defense […]

Russia Claims to Take Blahodatne, Site of Heaviest Fighting with Ukraine

loading… The Russian military claims to have taken Blahodatne, the scene of the heaviest fighting with Ukrainian forces. Photo/TASS MOSCOW – Military Russia said on Tuesday (31/1/2023) that its troops had taken control of Blahodatne, a village north of Bakhmut in Ukraine east. The region has been the scene of some of the heaviest fighting […]

It’s the Russian Governor’s Turn to Promise Rewards for Destroying Western Tanks

loading… The US promised 31 Abrmas tanks for Ukraine. Photos/Illustrations MOSCOW – Governor of the Zabaikalsky Territory in Russia The east is offering a reward to soldiers from the province who capture or destroy a NATO tank in Ukraine. This announcement comes after a private Russian company previously offered prizes with similar terms. In an […]

Former Polish Foreign Minister Unraveling Ukraine’s 2 Biggest Problems

loading… Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski. Photo/REUTERS WARSAW – Ukraine has never been able to achieve economic prosperity despite the better start, due to widespread corruption among officials and widely held delusions of being a significant global player. This very strong accusation was expressed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) of […]

Russia Denies Claims by Former British PM About Putin Threatens to Host Missile Attacks

loading… Former UK PM Boris Johnson. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Claims made by former British Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson that Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile attack are clearly false. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed this on Monday (30/1/2023). Earlier in the day, Johnson shared details of a conversation he had with […]

Already Asking for Missiles, Tanks and Fighter Jets, Now Ukraine Wants German Submarines

loading… HDW Class 212A submarine made by ThyssenKrupp, Germany. Photo/yps KIEV – Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik suggested that Germany surrender one of its submarines for use against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Throughout the conflict in Ukraine, Melnik belittled and insulted his then-hosts until they agreed to donate increasingly heavy weapons to his […]