Night Attack: Russia’s Terrorist Army Strikes Kyiv with Rockets and Kamikaze Drones

On the night of June 2, the army of the terrorist country of Russia attacked the capital with rockets and kamikaze drones: journalists and interlocutors reported on the sounds of explosions in Kyiv and the suburbs

June 1 after 23:00 head of Dnepropetrovsk OVA Lysak urged “do not ignore air raid signals anytime soon and do not forget about cover and the two-wall rule.”

At about half past one at night, the alarm slowly “creeped” from the south to the center of Ukraine and further, reaching by 01:30 borders of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. This situation usually occurs during startup. drones Shahed-136 from the south and/or southeast.

TO 02:30 “turned red” everywhere, except for the western regions, by three in the morning – further west.

IMPORTANT! It is forbidden.

03:00. The first sounds of explosions in the Kyiv region, in terms of sound – far from the capital.

03:03. distinct air defense work in Kyiv.

03:06. A few minutes ago, an explosion was heard in Cherkassy (interlocutor in the regional center).

03:07. The Kiev Regional Military Administration writes about the increased danger of an air attack, air defense forces are working on hostile targets.

03:09-03:10. Explosions in Kyiv. You can see how the rocket was shot down. Burning debris fell on the city.

Watch the video: Drones attacked the capital of Russia: Muscovites showed where the Pantsir was working from

03:13-03:14, 03:18, 03:19. Thundering in the capital.

03:17. Mayor of the capital Klitschko pumps up: “Another wave of UAVs is approaching Kyiv.”

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03:21. Lviv and Zakarpattia regions are holding out so far – the only ones without any worries.

03:22. Everything, “red” all Ukraine.

03:22-03:23. Explosions over Kyiv.

03:29-03:32. Many powerful explosions in one of the districts of the capital and suburbs. Sounds of aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can see the consequences.

03:35-03:36. Loud air defense work.

03:47. There has been silence in and around the capital for some time now. The smoke from the downed missiles was almost dispelled.

03:51. Chapter OP showed biceps:

04:16. Despite the fact that the entire map of Ukraine is still “red”, it looks like that’s it. The chronicle is not updated after this entry. Friday morning in Kyiv.

Why did Russia intensify rocket-drone attacks in May? Possible answer – in the analysis “Hunting for a Patriot”.

The MoD says the task for the Russians is also to undermine the psychological resilience and unity of Ukrainians as much as possible: two important factors of resistance.

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