Two no-confidence motions against the French government

AFP News from the NOS•today, 19:19 Frank Renout correspondent France Frank Renout correspondent France The French opposition proposes a vote of no confidence against the government of President Macron. Both the left and right opposition do, but they are unlikely to have a majority together. The reason is the government’s decision tonight to put the […]

Sanctions against Russia – Le Pen called the restrictions a geopolitical mistake

The leader of the far-right French National Front party, Marine Le Pen, believes the EU sanctions against Russia due to a full-scale war in Ukraine are allegedly a “geopolitical mistake”. – According to her, the restrictions that the EU has introduced on the aggressor country “have caused an energy crisis”. “(The government – ed.) Has […]

Problem for Ukraine. Macron lost parliament

The first re-elected French president in 20 years lost his parliamentary majority. In opposition – right and left fans of Vladimir Putin. The results of the second round of the French parliamentary elections are clear: the centrist camp of President Emmanuel Macron remains the leading force in the National Assembly, but no longer has an […]

2022 presidential results in Montpellier: Macron is ahead of Le Pen

The French were called to the polls for the second round of the presidential election this Sunday, April 24. How did the city of Montpellier vote? It is Emmanuel Macron who comes first with 72.17% votes au second tourahead of the National Rally candidate (27.83%). It does a worse result than in 2017, losing just […]

Emmanuel Macron largely in the lead

This Sunday, April 24, the French voted to elect their new head of state. Located to the left of the political spectrum at the municipal level since 1989, the city of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) has nearly 140,550 people registered on the electoral lists. Emmanuel Macron collects there 77,65% voices at second tourwell ahead of the candidate […]

against the choice of the worst

The responsibility of a newspaper is not to dictate conduct. During an election period, our role consists, among others, of informing the choice of our readers. If it is a question of directing them, this is understood in the sense of giving benchmarks and not of hammering out slogans or instructions. Sometimes, however, circumstances require […]

The almighty French presidents, a European anomaly

French voters will elect one of Europe’s most powerful presidents this Sunday. The choice is between liberal Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Whoever gets the key to the Elysee will enjoy broad powers that few democratic leaders in the world enjoy. One of the main reasons is that the French electorate directly […]

Macron Rejects Hijab Ban, Until Putin Tests Intercontinental Missiles

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Incumbent presidential candidate French, Emmanuel Macronrejects the idea of ​​a hijab ban as put forward by his competitor, Marine Le Pen. He considered the ban could trigger polemics, and even a civil war broke out in France. More news about the President Russia, Vladimir Putinconducted a test of the latest intercontinental […]