10 benefits of Maqui Berry, the newest superfood in the world of beauty and health

Merdeka.com – Next, supplements or products skin care with content maqui berry easier to find on the market. This fruit is called superfood which has many health and beauty benefits. Maqui berry (Aristotelia Chilensis) is a dark purple fruiting plant commonly found in South America. The stems, leaves and fruits have been used for medicine […]

Vojta Kotek went out with a new girlfriend, he met at the premiere…

Favorite actor Vojta Kotek has been in love with his charming partner Radana for over a year. However, the couple is very guarding of privacy, so he officially introduced his love to the company only at the ceremonial premiere of the film Bethlehem Light. They were first seen last year in sports during March. A […]

agroproject technology and information society: prototype for yield mapping of cucumbers

With the prototype “Ernteblick”, agroproject presents a world first for monitoring the harvesting process as well as the temporal and local documentation of harvest quantities. – advertisement – – the App can a camera-based segmentation of the cucumbers, a division into freely definable size classes as well as a visualization of the distribution of the […]

Keep children away from yew trees, love pearls and the like

Many shrubs show their berry side in autumn and sometimes shine with colorful fruit decorations. But what is visually and ecologically attractive can be dangerous for small children. Because among them there are also poisonous fruits, warns the Rhineland-Palatinate Garden Academy. In order not to have to completely part with poisonous trees, a temporary solution […]

The family castle of Ainay-le-Vieil | Loire valley

Open the doors of the castle for a visit! Between its walls, you can browse richly furnished rooms. We advise you to linger in the large living room, remarkable for its fireplace decorated in honor of Anne of Brittany and Louis XII. Without doubt one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley! Another nugget […]

Does cocoa improve mental fitness?

Cocoa not only tastes good, it also makes you clever. The secondary plant substances contained therein are responsible for this. – Your brain is what you eat – this or a similar one could simply summarize the results of a British-US American team. The psychologist Professor Dr. Gabriele Gratton from the Beckman Institute for Advanced […]