US Could Bring 100 Nuclear Bombs on China’s Doorstep and Beijing Can’t Do Much

loading… The USS Nevada, a submarine carrying dozens of US nuclear warheads, appeared near Taiwan last week. Photo/US Navy WASHINGTON – Washington military experts describe the emergence of submarines United States of America (USA) with dozens of nuclear warheads near Taiwan carries a strong message for China . The USS Nevada is currently at the […]

Wary of War, This is a Comparison of Russian and US Military Strength

loading… The national flags of the US and Russia are flying. The two countries feared war after negotiations over Ukraine and European security guarantees reached a stalemate. Photo/REUTERS WASHINGTON – War rhetoric continues to be hurled by Washington officials amid tensions between United States of America (USA) and Russia getting hotter. Most recently, the negotiations […]

This Is The Only Country That Makes And Dispels Its Own Nuclear Bombs

loading… Several nuclear bombs South Africa has ever produced near Pretoria. The country eventually voluntarily got rid of its own nuclear bomb. Photo/Wikimedia Commons via EurAsian Times CAPE TOWN – No one thought this country on the African continent ever made a bomb or nuclear weapons . Surprisingly, it voluntarily obliterated its own weapon of […]

China announces it will continue to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal

The Chinese authorities have assured this Tuesday that the country will continue to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal. The statements come a day after they jointly highlighted with four other nuclear powers – the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Russia – the importance of avoiding a global arms race. The director of the arms […]

Chinese Expert Calls Taiwan’s Idea to Make Nuclear Bombs Ridiculous and Dangerous

loading… A woman waves a miniature Taiwan flag. Chinese experts have criticized the idea of ​​Taiwan developing nuclear weapons. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – The experts China think ideas about Taiwan develop nuclear weapons is a ridiculous and dangerous idea. According to them, if the idea is implemented, it will not only be Beijing that will act […]

US Could Be Radioactive Ash!

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kremlin TV spit out nuclear war rhetoric by warning that Moscow’s weapons could turn the US into radioactive ashes. Photo/REUTERS/M. Shemetov MOSCOW – Government television (TV) stations Russia warn that nuclear weapons with hypersonic missiles Moscow can change United States of America (USA) to radioactive ash. The Kremlin’s propaganda media […]

Israel is bombarded with 3,000 missiles per day in case of war with Iran

loading… Iranian missiles fired during a combat drill. Israel is expected to be bombarded with 3,000 missiles per day from various directions if war with Iran breaks out. Photo/REUTERS TEL AVIV – Retired Zionist military general warns of dire scenario in which Israel will be bombarded with 3,000 missiles per day if a war with […]

Tense with the West, 2 Russian nuclear bombers roam the Belarusian skies

loading… Russian Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber. This type of aircraft patrols Belarusian airspace at a time when tensions with the West are heating up. Photo/REUTERS MINSK – Two bombers (bomber) nuclear Russia patrolling the sky Belarus on Saturday (18/12/2021). The pair’s mission was to underscore Moscow’s defense of its allies amid tensions with the West. The […]

Again, Belarus is threatening NATO with nuclear weapons

Belarus is ready to adopt nuclear weapons against the NATO threat. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladimir Makei in an interview with the Arab section of the Russian state television RT, excerpts from which are quoted by BelTA. “What the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said, we are […]

These are 9 demands of Russia on NATO, including prohibiting the US from using nuclear bombs

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia demands nine guarantees from NATO, including prohibiting the US from using nuclear bombs outside its national territory. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia has demanded 9 guarantees to NATO to be negotiated. One of them is prohibiting United States of America (USA) uses nuclear weapons or bombs outside its national territory. […]