Unlearn, a biotech AI startup, secures $15 million and appoints OpenAI’s CTO to its board.

Biotech AI startup, Unlearn, has recently gained some notable support in the form of $15 million in funding and the addition of OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Greg Brockman, to their board. As the healthcare industry continues to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence, Unlearn is at the forefront of developing technologies that can leverage data […]

Microsoft proposes solutions to EU to gain approval for Activision acquisition

Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Activision Blizzard is under scrutiny following concerns from EU regulators that the deal could harm competition in the gaming industry. To seek approval from the EU, Microsoft has presented a plan of remedies offering concessions that would address concerns about their market position. This article will explore the EU’s concerns and […]

Banks’ recovery and minor rate-hike expectations boost Wall Street’s rally

In recent weeks, Wall Street has experienced a series of rallies as investors grow more optimistic about the future of the banking sector. It appears that small rate-hike bets are contributing to this positive sentiment, as these bets signal that the economy is recovering and that banks are likely to see increased profits in the […]

End? Auron breaks his silence and uploads a video on YouTube

Auronplay has published a video on his secondary YouTube channel to discuss what happened in the last days with your person. She has not left any subject undiscussed and has also clarified his future. Auron explains that what he has experienced these days does not make any sense and that he has felt organized attacks […]

California governor visits Mexicali migrant shelter | Forward Valley

MEXICIALI – To listen to and address the concerns of the migrant community in transit in the region, the Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, visited the “El Peregrino” shelter in the city of Mexicali, in the company of the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. The leaders of both entities visited the […]

POINT OF VIEW. “Unaccompanied foreign minors: putting an end to hypocrisy”

The fate that we reserve for young foreigners at the age of 18 is an absurd hypocrisy. They arrive in France according to questionable methods. But we welcome them because they declare themselves minors. They are hosted, educated, they receive professional training, they become apprentices. Upon reaching the age of majority, the prefect of the […]

End of marketing for fossil fuels this Monday, or so

A year a working day afterwards vote of the decreethe ban will come into force on Monday 22 August 2022. It is no for a longer period feasible to have out promoting on fossil fuels. One particular, even so, will crack the rule for a handful of additional months … Much more adverts for fossil […]