Discovered: Cesium-137 Found Compressed and Ready to Melt at Smelter Location.

Found “Casium-137” at a smelter. The state is compressed into a cube. stacked high Prepare for melting in the evening. Fortunately, the staff used the radiation detection equipment in time. close to tragedy Facebook Sorayut Suthatsanachinda reported that today (March 19) Mr. Ron Ron Nakornchinda, Governor of Prachinburi Province, Mr. Permsuk Satjapiwat, Secretary-General of the […]

Dammam fire under control; No casualty

Riyadh: Saudi authorities have brought the fire in Dammam’s iron factory under control. A fire broke out in one of the largest iron factories in Dammam on Friday evening. The government-owned Iqbariya television reported about this. The fire has not yet been fully extinguished. No one was injured in the accident. The Saudi defense said […]

5 Dirty Food Factory Findings, There Are Carcasses to Mouse Poop!

Jakarta – The findings of this dirty food factory make many people dumbfounded. There are many unhygienic things, such as processing food with bare hands, dirty machines, and rat droppings. Food factory managers should strictly maintain hygiene because they produce something that will be consumed by many people. Even this practice related to hygiene should […]

Moscow, missiles hit military factories on Ukraine – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 17 – Yesterday’s Russian missile attacks on Ukraine hit “companies that supplied the Ukrainian forces with fuel and ammunition” and hit their targets. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of Moscow. As a result, adds the ministry, quoted by the RIA Novosti agency, “the supply to the units of […]

How to make the fastest skis for champions Ledecká and Štuhecová

Hohenems is located in the westernmost tip of Austria on the border with Switzerland. The small historic town boasts the Museum of the Nibelungen Saga, but also the inconspicuous Kästle factory, where today some of the world’s fastest skis are produced. The Slovenian Ilka Štuhecová has already won a World Cup race on them. Ester […]