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Hyundai Ends Production of Manual Transmissions in Nošovice Plant for Electromobility Rebuild

The Korean car manufacturer will end the production of manual transmissions at the plant in Nošovice and rebuild the hall for electromobility purposes.

The plant in Nošovice, where the Hyundai i30, Tucson and electric cars have been produced in recent years, is one of the most successful foreign investments in the history of the Czech Republic. Last year, 340,500 cars left the gates of the Silesian factory, with the Tucson SUV accounting for approximately 72 percent. The i30 and Kona Electric series accounted for thirteen percent, the other two percent was made up of the sharp compact i30 N, which will end this year. However, Czech customers do not have to worry about the lack of cars. There are plenty of free slots for those interested.

After the production of the sports derivative in Nošovice, the production of manual transmissions also ends. Hall Převodovkárna No. 1 will be gradually rebuilt this summer for the purposes of Mobis, and the assembly of battery systems for electric cars, hybrids and plug-in hybrids will take place there. The same fate had already met the former Převodovkárna No. 2.

The reason for the end of production of manual transmissions is easy. While in 2008 their share in manufactured cars reached 90%, last year it was 24%. Hyundai will therefore bring manual gearboxes from Asia. On the other hand, interest in locally emission-free models is growing.

Over 186,000 manual transmissions were produced in Nošovice last year (15% less year-on-year), approximately 120,000 of which went to the Kia sister plant in Žilina and the Hyundai factory in Turkey, where the i10, i20 and Bayon models are produced. In total, about 5.26 million of them were created in Nošovice in more than 15 years. Roughly 90% of the 200 employees will find employment in other workplaces of the Silesian Hyundai plant.

Part of the production of accumulators from Silesia also goes to Slovakia, but so far only for hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars.

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