Reversal! This dietary supplement lowers immunity

Scientists have found a dietary supplement that can lower immunity, said the portal MedicalXpress. Researchers from the Working Group on the Environment analyzed the effects on the body of the most common chemicals added to food, as well as compounds that pass into food from packaging materials or processing equipment during production. Experts have found […]

“Kalamare” stealthily found the police. Food supplement lawsuit

“Kalamare” sneaked in to meet the police. Acknowledged 3 charges in the case of supplement review, exaggerating the properties. Food company, but denied the guilt according to Computer Act Bring false information into the system, expecting a month’s complaint to complete and submit the prosecutor to sue the court. “Kalamare” acknowledged the allegations of exaggerating […]

CPB tapped “Kalamare” to be the presenter

A spokesman of CPB countered the news in the case of Miss Patcharasri Benjamas or Kalamare, the food supplement Ready to be the presenter of CPB confirms CPB has never approached Kalamare And Kalamare just continued to notify KMUTT is only willing to cooperate in the government sector to publicize to understand the law on […]

The FDA has put down advertising sword for rent, exaggerating – NBTC has adjusted 2 satellite TV channels, 5 hundred thousand each.

FDA swords down an advertisementThe productCordycepsExaggerate properties Prosecuting the producers, advertisers, both celebrities – presenter. Content maker And all involved There are penalties for both memory and fines. Warn the people not to be believed. May lose the opportunity to cure the disease Repeatedly, Cordyceps products that are permitted by the FDA have properties only […]

“Kalamare” remained silent after the CPB issued a summons to acknowledge 2 counts of advertising supplements

“Kalamare“Still silent after the PPA issued a summons to acknowledge 2 charges of cluesfoodStrengthen Adjust the page structure – in the case of advertising treatmentCOVIDHave to coordinate the FDA Pol. Col. Chananat Sarathawan Phas Deputy Commissar of Police Suppression of offenses related to consumer protection or CPB disclosed to the BureaunewsI.N.N. That after the CPB […]

Maya motto of “Kalamare” when “money is God”

“Collecting money is a concurrent action But one of the things that will make you rich is that you have to be good at it. Find it all the way, because we already know how we can find it. And how much do you get A decision or decision is very important. Think first how […]

Issued a summons for “Kalamare” the 1st time. Found comments appearing “DJ Bael”

From the case of a famous host Kalamare– Patcharasri Benjamas Bragging about the supplementary propertiesfoodOf itself until being heavily criticized until later the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to suspend advertising Ready to take administrative measures And has a letter to the police, the Suppression Division of the Consumer Protection Division (BMA) […]

Unwrap news: Kalamare, the Sinner

Unpin the news Became a very hot drama For the supplement review clip of Kalamare – Patcharasri Benjamas Famous host That has been criticized as Exaggerate their properties From the review of eating, the face is raised, the wattle is lost, the eyes are double, shallow cheeks, the nose is shaped. Until someone complained to […]

The FDA condone “Kalamare” advertising boastful, before this has been prosecuted in 7 cases.

January 18, 2021 230 FDA condemns “Kalamare”, a loud host, advertises exaggerating dietary supplements Talk to eat supplements, make a dull-face nose, don’t need a doctor. Before this, had been prosecuted in 7 cases, the FDA ordered to suspend advertising Submit legal proceedings Warning public figures Social Responsibility – Legal Advertising Dr. Supatra Bunserm, Deputy […]