Austria will confine people who are not vaccinated against covid | International

Austria to confine unvaccinated people from Monday or that they have not recently contracted covid-19, an unprecedented measure in the European Union that aims to curb the record number of new cases. “The situation is serious (…). We do not take this measure lightly, but unfortunately it is necessary“Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said at a press […]

COVID-19 conspiracy theories, or everyone decides *

From Bill Gates’ chips to spraying planes – human stupidity has no end “It’s a goal to be able to kill people. It used to be known that planes sprayed the infection, but now vaccines have the same condition. They say that if I’m not vaccinated, I’m sick, but I judge for myself. And when […]

In Spain, the death of extreme sportsmen was filmed. 18+

Photo: frame from video The death of two extreme lovers in Spain The girl jumped off the cliff into the raging sea and was washed away by the wave. A friend tried to save her, but both died In Spain, an extreme girl, trying to repeat the feat of her friend from Russia, jumped off […]

Can the far right sabotage the environmentalist primary?

It is a support which Sandrine Rousseau, candidate for the primary ecologist would have gone well. “Of course I will vote. In general, the vote is secret, but you know that I am an elected representative from the North and out of northern solidarity, I can only vote for Sandrine Rousseau, of course ”, said […]

Natural disasters on Earth can no longer be stopped – scientists

Greenhouse gas emissions are heating the planet The extreme weather conditions seen around the world are the result of rapid global warming. Natural disasters occurring in the world are the result of global climate change, which can hardly be stopped, the agency said. Bloomberg. It is noted that recently, information about natural disasters has begun […]

The woman drove the man for eight kilometers on the hood

Photo: Screenshot video The man was driving eight kilometers on the hood of the car The extreme trip took place in the Leningrad region. According to media reports, it was caused by a family quarrel. A resident of St. Petersburg drove the man eight kilometers on the hood of the car. Video of the unusual […]

Castelló suffers from a more extreme climate with more damaging and frequent storms

Some young people observe the effects of ‘Gloria’ on a beach in Castelló. Gabriel Utiel A white blanket covered the streets of Nules and other parts of La Plana barely three weeks ago. Was the most outstanding meteorological incidence of a month of April marked by rains -at various torrential points- and sudden changes in […]

Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky starts for JBXE – Extreme E.

JBXE, the latest addition to the Extreme E, confirmed today that Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky will be in the cockpit with Jenson Button, the team’s founder and driver. Åhlin-Kottulinsky is no stranger to Extreme E, she was already a test driver for Continental, the founding partner of the championship. In this position, she played a crucial role […]