Lim Hee-sook shares struggles during cannabis scandal and extreme attempts in new interview with ‘Special World’

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.06.01 23:04

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Singer Lim Hee-sook looked back on the past when she made extreme attempts at successive bad news.

On MBN’s ‘Special World’, which aired on the 1st, Lim Hee-suk appeared and reported on the current situation.

Lim Hee-suk enjoyed popularity with ‘I really didn’t know’, but had to stop activities in 1975 after being involved in the cannabis scandal that hit the entertainment industry.

photo">/Photo = MBN ‘Special World’ broadcast screen

Lim Hee-suk said about that time, “I went to the Special Miss Armed Forces show and there were people who I was with (cannabis). Someone was caught and told everyone that there was someone there. ‘Im Hee-sook was there’ (they said falsely.) So they Even though I did, I did not touch (cannabis). It was unfair.”

He said, “I sing well even without doing that, but my mother, two younger siblings, teachers, broadcasters, and relatives all misunderstand that ‘that guy sings well and that’s why he did that’ as a result.” Isn’t there something wrong? I was resentful and frustrated,” he said.

photo">/Photo = MBN ‘Special World’ broadcast screen

Lim Hee-suk was suspended from broadcasting activities for six years, and to make matters worse, he tried to make an extreme choice by poisoning while facing a breakup after only five months of marriage.

Lim Hee-sook explained her feelings at the time when she tried to make an extreme choice in a series of bad news.

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He said, “There were glares around me. I was scolded a lot by those who loved me, saying, ‘Why are you so careless? Why did you get married without a view on marriage?'” I really didn’t want to live, so I escaped from reality.”

On the other hand, Lim Hee-sook debuted in the music industry in 1969 with ‘Leave That Person’ and gained popularity by releasing numerous hit songs with her unique husky voice.

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