Europe-wide manhunt: One hundred clues to ex-RAF terrorists

Interpol is looking for the ex-RAF terrorists Dust and Garweg across Europe. So far, around 100 reports have been received. Investigators hope for the “decisive tip”. The terrorists are said to be responsible for several murders. The pan-European search for two former members of the former terrorist group Red Army Faction (RAF) has so far […]

After singer’s death: Many killed in protests in Ethiopia

The prominent singer Hachalu Hundessa was shot in the capital of Ethiopia on Monday. Since then, unrest has shaken the country and more than 90 people have died. The background is ethnic tensions in the multi-ethnic state. In Ethiopia, protests after the murder of a popular singer killed at least 91 people within two days. […]

Germany and France: resistance to job cuts at Airbus

The planned job cuts at Airbus as a result of the Corona crisis will hit Germany and France particularly hard. Ministries and unions in both countries are now experiencing contradictions. Politicians and unions in Germany and France are calling for the fairest and most cautious approach to the planned reduction of thousands of Airbus jobs: […]

Mexico two years after the election: helpless against fear and terror

“Hugs instead of shots” – with this slogan, Mexico’s President Obrador won the election. Two years later, he surrendered to the cartels’ terror – March was the bloodiest month since he took office. By Anne Demmer, ARD Mexico City Office It was late in the morning, early in the morning, when heavily armed members of […]

EU-US competition: The big struggle for remdesivir

Remdesivir is considered a promising remedy for Covid-19. Approval is imminent in the EU. The US government has now secured almost all of its production for the next three months. A contest has broken out between the United States and the EU over the corona remdesivir. While the U.S. Department of Health said it had […]

Colonial crimes in the Congo: Belgium struggles with its past

60 years after the end of colonial rule in the Congo, the Belgian king apologized for the atrocities. But dealing with a bloody story is just beginning. By Alexander Göbel, ARD studio Brussels In front of the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium’s former King Leopold II (1835-1909) still sits on horseback, cast in bronze. The […]

Afghanistan: Russian bounty on US soldiers?

President Trump is under pressure again because he is said to have acted inconsistently against Russia’s leadership. This time it’s about a possible bounty on US soldiers. What is known By Silvia Stöber, Once again, US media reports citing intelligence intelligence stand against President Donald Trump’s denials. Again, the accusation is delicate: a unit […]

MAD on Bundeswehr: “New dimension” of right-wing extremism

At first it was only an officer’s letter, now the MAD also speaks of widespread right-wing extremism in the force. The cases have risen sharply. The elite KSK unit is to be reformed. The Military Shield Service (MAD) sees a “new dimension” in the problem of right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr. The President of the […]

Wirtschaftsprüfer and Wirecard: The greatest possible proof of mistrust

EY’s auditors fail Wirecard’s 2019 financial statements. According to information from WDR, NDR and SZ question the entire business with Asian third party partners. Von Massimo Bognanni (WDR) and Georg Mascolo (WDR / NDR) The letter that arrived in tranquil Aschheim on Monday morning was only six pages long. But the letter to the board […]

Climate policy in France: Macron’s consequences from the “slap in the face”

After the Greens’ triumph in the French local elections, President Macron announced concessions on climate policy. He wants to discuss more than 140 ideas from a climate council – including a referendum. President Emmanuel Macron wants the French population to vote on certain climate protection issues from next year. Among other things, it is about […]