Consequences of the corona crisis: Airbus cuts production – jobs at risk

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to deliver 40 percent fewer aircraft in the next two years due to the slump in demand – previously there was talk of 30 percent. Thousands of jobs could be lost. The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus will cut its production and deliveries by 40 percent and cut thousands of jobs […]

Football in Corona times: fans and clubs become careless

Fans gathered at several stadiums in German professional football over the weekend, and the clubs rewarded them for the presence of the team. In the short term, this probably has no consequences for the clubs – but such incidents can put future game operations in question. By Chaled Nahar “Uwe, Uwe” shouted the fans – […]

Abuses in NRW: evidence of 30,000 suspects

NRW Justice Minister Biesenbach speaks of a “swamp”: Investigators in NRW have information on over 30,000 suspects for child pornography and abuse. By Christian Wolf The abuse cases of Lügde, Bergisch Gladbach and Münster caused horror. But now further details come to light that show how much bigger the problem actually is. Investigators in NRW […]

Economic stimulus package in the Bundestag: VAT cut and family bonus decided

Families can look forward to more money, consumers to less taxes when shopping. The Bundestag passed the new corona stimulus package. But the opposition doubts whether it will work. The Bundestag has passed important parts of the economic stimulus package that should boost consumption and the economy in the Corona crisis. Parliament approved the changes […]

Consequences of the financial scandal: What does Wirecard bankruptcy mean for customers?

After Wirecard’s insolvency, there is great uncertainty among customers. To what extent your money is protected, what shareholders need to know and what threatens the supervisory authorities – an overview. By Dominik Lauck, What happens to the Wirecard Bank? Wirecard Bank, with which many private individuals are customers, is a subsidiary of Wirecard AG, […]

Terror in Pakistan: several dead in attack on stock exchange

Terror in Pakistan: Several dead in attack on stock exchange This article was printed out at the address: As of June 29, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. Armed with rapid-fire guns and explosive devices, attackers have tried to penetrate the stock exchange in Karachi, Pakistan. Several people and themselves were killed. Four armed men […]

Price jumps after bankruptcy: Wirecard stock turns into gambler paper

After falling to € 1.28 on Friday, the Wirecard share rears up again today and briefly made the jump above the € 4.00 mark. It is fired by a message from the management. But investors shouldn’t be happy too soon. As is so often the case with insolvent and crisis-ridden companies, Wirecard investors also grab […]

USA: Mississippi separates from flag

USA: Mississippi parted ways with flag | This article was printed out at the address: Status: 29.06.2020 02:24 a.m. Mississippi is the last US state to remove the southern war flag from its flag. The racist symbol has been criticized for years. Mississippi is the last state in the United States to choose […]

Merkel and the EU Council Presidency: Time and again crisis manager

Merkel’s second EU Council Presidency begins on Wednesday. The focus should be on climate protection and digitization. But in pandemic times, the Chancellor is once again in demand as an EU crisis manager. By Christian Feld, ARD Capital Studio She smiles. She is enjoying the moment. It is June 27, 2007. Angela Merkel is a […]

Environmental scandal in Russia: toxic broth on the tundra

In May, a diesel leak in a power plant threatened the Russian Arctic ecosystem. Now environmentalists have identified further pollution. The accused corporation Nornickel hinders the investigation. By Ina Ruck, ARD Studio Moscow He doesn’t want his name published, he says on the phone. And certainly not to be associated with the video – he […]