WDR does not take responsibility

The storms in North Rhine-Westphalia triggered a flood disaster. The consequences are devastating, several people died. Now criticism of the WDR is loud. The broadcaster had not met its responsibility. Photo series with 20 pictures Full cellars, people on the roofs of cars, impassable streets: the situation in western Germany is getting worse. In addition […]

EU-Mercosur Agreement: Treaty at the expense of the rainforest?

Because of Brazil’s controversial policy, resistance to the Mercosur trade agreement with four South American countries is growing in the EU. Portugal wants to save the treaty during its presidency. By Matthias Reiche, ARD-Studio Brussels The message was clear when Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa presented the priorities of the EU Council Presidency last week: […]

Corona drug: Federal government buys new antibody drug

There are now many vaccines against the coronavirus, but drugs for sick people are still rare. Health Minister Spahn has now bought 200,000 doses of a drug that is also said to have helped ex-US President Trump. The federal government has bought a new antibody-based corona drug for Germany. “From next week, the monoclonal antibodies […]

Corona crisis in Germany: more freedom for vaccinated people?

The more the vaccination campaign goes on in the pandemic, the more pressing the question of whether those who have been vaccinated are entitled to all basic rights again. It is unclear how such advantages could even be implemented in everyday life. From Kerstin Palzer By Kerstin Palzer, ARD capital studio Thomas Witkowski is a […]

Russia: Hundreds of arrests in Navalny protests

Tens of thousands of Russians demonstrated across the country for the release of the imprisoned opposition member Navalny – not without clashes with the police. Almost 2,000 people were arrested, including Navalny’s wife. The Russia-wide demonstrations for the release of the detained Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny have reached the capital. Thousands of people gathered in […]

Broadcast: Tagesschau 23.01.2021 12:56

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British corona mutation: Experts puzzled by Johnson’s statement

The corona mutation from Great Britain is spreading faster – and, according to Premier Johnson, is also probably more deadly. However, experts urge caution: there is still too little data to make a precise statement. A debate has begun in Great Britain about the dangerousness of the new coronavirus variant B.1.1.7. Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

So far only a few approved means: The great search for the corona drug

While several vaccines against the coronavirus have already been approved worldwide, the search for effective drugs against Covid-19 is rather slow. But that could change soon. From Notker Blechner, tagesschau.de In spring 2020 it looked like some corona killers would soon hit the market that could cure seriously ill Covid 19 patients. But this hope […]

Corona pandemic: Ibiza is apparently sealed off

Corona pandemic: Ibiza is apparently sealed off | tagesschau.de Status: January 22nd, 2021 9:43 pm The pandemic situation in Ibiza has worsened since December, now the regional government is pulling the rip cord: The island is to be sealed off from Saturday until the end of the month, media reports. The Spanish holiday island of […]

Pandemic in Germany: Corona exhaustion

The Chancellor has seldom been as present as in the corona pandemic – and yet the satisfaction of the population with the crisis management is falling. It would help to admit mistakes made. A comment by Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio “Please join in! Don’t let up now!” Health Minister Jens Spahn has also tried […]