New record for Chateau Meiland: 1.76 million viewers on Monday evening | NOW

Chateau Meiland has broken its own audience record: on Monday evening 1.76 million people saw how Maxime Meiland told her parents that she is becoming a mother for the second time. The old record stood at 1.7 million viewers for this year’s season opener. Only it NOS News from 8 p.m. on Monday, a closer […]

Chateau Meiland returns in the spring with new episodes | NOW

The Meiland family can be seen on SBS again in their own reality series from spring Chateau Meiland, both the channel and Martien Meiland announce via Instagram. In the past year, the family moved from France back to the Netherlands, where they built a life in the Gelderland village of Hengelo. Earlier this week, Erica […]

Chateau Meiland breaks its own audience record with season finale | NOW

One and a half million people have the last episode of it Thursday night Chateau Meilandseason. With that, the program breaks its own audience record, which stood at 1.49 million. The last episode showed how Martien Meiland launched his own book. In December, the family returns to SBS6 with a Christmas special. It looks like […]

Chateau Meiland can be seen around holidays with four Christmas episodes | NOW

Just like in 2019, there will be special Christmas episodes Chateau Meiland made. Channel SBS late Wednesday know that the popular reality series airs on December 22, 23 and 24. It concerns a total of four parts: a double episode will be broadcast on Christmas Eve. SBS will announce the location where the special episodes […]

Viewing figures Chateau Meiland and Best Singers halved | NOW

Chateau Meiland has attracted 835,000 viewers on Thursday evening, according to figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SHOE). That is a significant decrease from last week, when one and a half million people watched the SBS6 program. NB: The information in this article is based on figures published by Stichting KijkOnderzoek on Friday morning. The relevant data […]

Caroline van Eeden touched by a revelation incident by the Meiland | family NOW

Caroline van Eeden says on her Instagram to have been touched by the Meiland family’s choice to the incident between her and daughter Maxime. “This is about me personally and therefore affects me”, said the former family friend of the Meiland family, who emphasizes that the story also has another side. “It is difficult to […]

Maxime Meiland prefers to go shopping without a father after moving | NOW

The Meiland family has recently moved from France to Hengelo and is already almost settled. Daughter Maxime stays in the Netherlands, while her parents commute back and forth. The family can no longer go out on the street as anonymous as in France. In conversation with, Maxime Meiland says that since the move she […]

Martien Meiland announces that she is working on biography | NOW

Martien Meiland has Friday evening with Jinek announced that a biography about him will be published. “I’ve been through so much in my life. People don’t know that at all. People always see me as very positive, but I also had a period in my life that was just completely awful. That’s all in that […]