‘Maxime Meiland was injured after a fight with family friend Caroline’ | NOW

Maxime Meiland and the former family friend of the Meiland family, Caroline van Eeden, ended up in a fight shortly before her departure. It got so out of hand that Maxime was injured and left a scar. This is evident from a passage in Martien Meiland’s biography, after inspection by Show news.

The incident took place when Martien left for the Netherlands last year to record his program Cash or Trash. “Be kind to one another”, he is said to have urged the women before he left.

The book describes how the bomb broke between Maxime and Van Eeden when the 24-year-old expressed her dissatisfaction with the mood swings of the family friend. Van Eeden would then have called Maxime “a box”, on which she threw a wine glass at her head.

From that moment on, a fight broke out between the two. “Then it became a kind of fight. But yes, if you have such a female … It is like someone of 80. You really not going to hit her face, either. even if you hate her so much. But she put her nails in my arm, I still have scars from it, “said Maxime.

“I had blood. Scrapes,” she continues. And to make matters worse she said, ‘I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying.’ I say: “If you don’t get out of here right away, then I’ll tyfine all your stuff down. But you’re leaving now.”

Return to the Netherlands

Van Eeden left halfway through the second season of Chateau Meiland. The 59-year-old indicated in the series that this would have to do with her health, but later dropped by Show news hinted that there was growing irritation between her and the family.

The biography of Martien Meiland, Martien, will be available from October 31.



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