Martien Meiland announces that she is working on biography | NOW

Martien Meiland has Friday evening with Jinek announced that a biography about him will be published.

“I’ve been through so much in my life. People don’t know that at all. People always see me as very positive, but I also had a period in my life that was just completely awful. That’s all in that book,” said Meiland during the broadcast.

According to Meiland, the book goes into depth. “You see the series (Chateau Meiland, ed.) and then people think they know you, but then I think to myself: They don’t know me at all “.

What period in his life he is talking about does the reality star, known for I leave in Chateau Meiland, Do not say. He does say that it is a period in his life that is longer ago.

Meiland did not write the book himself, but was approached by a writer who had visited his castle in France last year. At first, Meiland declined the cooperation, because he said he “did not want it then”, but because of the corona crisis he had more time, after which he agreed anyway.

Meiland has not yet announced when his biography will be released.



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