Caroline van Eeden touched by a revelation incident by the Meiland | family NOW

Caroline van Eeden says on her Instagram to have been touched by the Meiland family’s choice to the incident between her and daughter Maxime.

“This is about me personally and therefore affects me”, said the former family friend of the Meiland family, who emphasizes that the story also has another side. “It is difficult to remain respectfully silent when you hear and read what is being said. This is about me personally and therefore affects me, there are always two sides to the story.”

Nevertheless, Van Eeden decides not to discuss the event in detail. “I choose to keep this private and remain respectful. That is my choice and I will stick with it.”

Finally, the 59-year-old from Noordwijk addresses the family personally. “I wish the Meiland family all the best, life is all about learning and hopefully self-reflection. I focus on the future.”

Van Eeden was in the first two seasons of Chateau Meiland to see. Halfway through the second season, she decided to return to the Netherlands because of her health. However, she and the family later hinted that there would have been multiple irritations.



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