Chateau Meiland can be seen around holidays with four Christmas episodes | NOW

Just like in 2019, there will be special Christmas episodes Chateau Meiland made. Channel SBS late Wednesday know that the popular reality series airs on December 22, 23 and 24.

It concerns a total of four parts: a double episode will be broadcast on Christmas Eve. SBS will announce the location where the special episodes were shot at a later date.

The fourth season of Chateau Meiland broadcast, which shows that the family has returned to the Netherlands. The first three seasons mainly took place in France, where the family ran a chateau. This summer they decided to sell the castle and settle in Hengelo.

It is not yet known whether a fifth series of the reality series will follow, which invariably attracts more than a million viewers. The last regular episode of Chateau Meiland to see.



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