Chateau Meiland breaks its own audience record with season finale | NOW

One and a half million people have the last episode of it Thursday night Chateau Meilandseason. With that, the program breaks its own audience record, which stood at 1.49 million.

The last episode showed how Martien Meiland launched his own book. In December, the family returns to SBS6 with a Christmas special. It looks like it was shot in Sweden.

Although viewership is a record for the program, it was Chateau Meiland not the most viewed program of the Thursday. It took 2.18 million viewers: that’s how many people saw it NOS News from 8 pm.

At the same time as Chateau Meiland was on NPO1 Ali B At Full Speed broadcast. Considerably fewer people looked at that: 501,000. To I Can See Your Voice almost 1.2 million people watched on RTL 4.



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