Martijn Krabbé wins ratings battle for the first time against Martien Meiland | NOW

Martijn Krabbé has for the first time since the start of the new season Buy without looking the ratings battle of Chateau Meiland won. Just under 1.5 million people watched the program on RTL4, while Martien Meiland and his family watched 1.4 million people.

Since the inception of Buy without looking, which can be seen at the same time as the SBS hit, Krabbé narrowly loses to the Meiland family. Now he manages to pass the reality program with a difference of 90,000 viewers. A week earlier scored Chateau Meiland still 119,000 viewers more than Krabbé.

As usual, the most watched program of the Monday evening is the NOS News from 8 pm where 2.24 million people turn on the television. Also the NOS News from 6 pm was well watched: 1.59 million people saw that broadcast.



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