Chateau Meiland returns in the spring with new episodes | NOW

The Meiland family can be seen on SBS again in their own reality series from spring Chateau Meiland, both the channel and Martien Meiland announce via Instagram.

In the past year, the family moved from France back to the Netherlands, where they built a life in the Gelderland village of Hengelo.

Earlier this week, Erica Meiland confirmed in conversation with that the family will have to move again in the long term, because the municipality of Bronckhorst does not give permission for the zoning of their estate. She said it is expected that they will return to the Noordwijk area, where the family comes from.

The move from France to the Netherlands could be seen in the last fourth season, which came to an end in November 2020 with an audience record of almost one and a half million viewers. The first three seasons showed how Erica and Martien Meiland, together with their daughter Maxime, built a bed and breakfast in a chateau in France.

In the week before Christmas, the family could also be seen in a Christmas special of the reality show. For this they traveled with the whole family to Lapland.

It is not yet known from which date the new episodes will be broadcast.



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