The “Shaman of QAnon” pleaded guilty to storming the Capitol

Jacob Chansley, known as the “Shaman of QAnon”, pleaded guilty Friday to charges of participating in an assault on Congress in January, CNBC reported. It comes nearly eight months after the man became widely known for his strange appearance when he invaded the Capitol with many other supporters of former President Donald Trump. Chansley, who […]

Alert in New York for suspicious package in Times Square – Noticieros Televisa

The authorities of New York they evacuated the plaza Times Square due to a suspicious package, according to local media. We recommend you: Bomb threat reported near US Capitol At 1:00 p.m. local time, several streets in that central enclave were closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic and there was a strong deployment of local […]

Biden says the US has been hurt by the spread of conspiracy theories

Biden recalled how the leaders of the countries he spoke to at the June G7 summit were incredulous when he tried to tell them that “America is back.” He also advocated the continuation of the investigation into the storming of the Capitol, which took place on 6 January. The President mentioned the QAnon movement, whose […]

First prison sentence for capitol seizure handed out in the United States

Фото: Getty Images Participant in the storming of the Capitol The first guilty prison sentence was handed down against rioters in Washington in January this year. In the United States, a court sentenced to 8 months in prison a Florida resident who took part in the seizure of the Capitol building by supporters of Donald […]

Washington and Northern Virginia enter a curfew | The World | DW

The Capitol was cleared and security was restored inside, more than three hours after hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed it by force, said this Wednesday (06.01.2021) the sergeants at arms of the Congress, in charge of your safety. The announcement came shortly before the curfew declared by the Mayor of Washington came […]

Week 18: Disrespect in the NBA

Julius “Dr J.” Erving is one of the most important figures in NBA history, As he was one of the faces of the league in the 1970s, he also allowed an era to be inspired by his spectacular dunks and incredible charisma. Now why am I introducing Dr. J? Because in the last week he […]

Donald Trump launched a platform where only he can publish content

This Tuesday, former United States President Donald Trump presented From the desk of Donald J. Trump, a digital platform where only he can publish written or graphic content. According Fox News, the space that is allegedly developed by his former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, allows the ex-president’s followers to react and share the publications on […]

Capitol. Trump supporter Bison will remain in jail

A federal judge in U.S refused on Monday to release the man who assaulted the Capitol disguised as a bison, baptized in this country as the “shaman of QAnon“. The magistrate, Royce Lamberth, said in its ruling that this man, identified as Jacob Chansley, continues to pose a danger and cited a recent interview on […]