Facebook supervisory board resets decision on possible …

Facebook’s supervisory board is taking extra time on its most important case so far: whether ex-president Donald Trump was rightly banned or not. More time is needed to study the more than 9,000 responses, it says. After the Facebook Oversight Board – or the supervisory board – had already ruled last week about the suspension […]

Capitol Police reportedly ignored storm warnings | NOW

The special police force to protect the Capitol in Washington has been severely criticized in an investigative report on the storming of the parliament building in January. For example, the police would have ignored warnings about the impending escalation and used outdated material. The Capitol, where the US Congress sits and meets, was stormed on […]

Police officers sue former president Trump for storming Capitol | NOW

Former US President Donald Trump is being charged by two agents of the Capitol Police, the corps that guards parliament in the capital Washington. Police officers accuse Trump of provoking the deadly storming of the parliament building in January. Agents James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby say Trump has been inciting his constituency for months with […]

House of Commons cancels meeting to signal new Capitol storm | NOW

The US House of Representatives decided on Wednesday to cancel a scheduled meeting on Thursday immediately due to indications of a new storming of the parliament building, reported the Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer. The Capitol Police said Receiving signals earlier in the day that an unknown militia is planning to attack the building. The […]

Agent who died in the Capitol storm is laid out in Parliament building | NOW

Brian Sicknick, the 42-year-old American agent who died in the storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, will be laid out in the same building for two days on February 2 to pay his last respects. The US parliament approved a resolution good for that on Friday. Normally, that honor is reserved for […]

US prosecutors: Members of far-right militia behind storming Capitol | NOW

Three members of the far-right militia Oath Keepers were accused by US prosecutors on Tuesday of conspiring to attack the Washington parliament building on January 6. For the first time, people have been charged with organizing the assault in which five people were killed. One of the defendants, Thomas Edward Caldwell, of Virginia, is said […]