FC St. Pauli: World Cup out! Jackson Irvine Proudly Goes on Vacation | Sports

Jackson Irvine (29) was clearly disappointed after the final whistle. With difficulty he fought back the tears in his eyes. The World Cup in the desert in Qatar is over for the FC St. Pauli midfielder. Australia lost 2-1 to Argentina, missing out on the quarter-finals. This would still have happened without Irvine had we […]

2. Handball Bundesliga with Dormagen more balanced than ever

September 2, 2022 at 4:50 am 2. Handball Bundesliga : Competition is more balanced than ever – Croatian national team player Igor Vori has taken over the leadership of TV Großwallstadt. Photo: dpa, awa jai – – Dormagen After the Dormagen handball team’s season opener against Zaporozhye on Wednesday, the first full day of play […]

Get started of the 2nd league: this club has dropped the most players! – 2nd Soccer LEAGUE

15 Hansa Rostock Behrens (200,000 euros / Persija Jakarta), Klatte (Babelsberg 03), Bahn (Waldhof Mannheim), Swede (Saarbrücken), Rother (RW Essen), Ulrich (Chemnitzer FC), Voll (Viktoria Cologne), Riedel (Waldhof Mannheim), Rizzuto (without the need of group), Omladic (devoid of workforce), Sikan (on financial loan from Shakhtar D.), Meißner (on loan from HSV), Becker (on mortgage from […]

FC St. Pauli: Jackson Irvine suddenly becomes a goalscorer | Sports

There was no holding back! The mega-late equalizer in the fifth minute of stoppage time caused crazy collective cheering at St. Pauli. Leart Paqarada’s final free-kick cross, the ricochet that also involved Betim Fazliji, Jackson Irvine’s headbutt – a forced late-luck goal. also read Irvine: “Incredibly important goal that keeps us in the current positive […]