Avoiding Eating in the Morning Does not Lose More Weight Page all

KOMPAS.com – One of the ways that many people often do lose weight is not eating in the morning and delaying it until noon. In fact, this method has no effect body weight, especially in those who are overweight with pradiabetes or diabetes. “We have long wondered whether delaying eating until noon affects how the […]

Make no mistake, diabetes symptoms can not always be detected

Monday, 16 November 2020 – 13:19 WIB Illustration of male and female logo. Photo: Antara jpnn.com, JAKARTA – WHAT Do you think all the symptoms in diabetics are the same? Not necessarily. Chairman of the Indonesian Endocrinology Society (PERKENI) Prof. DR dr. Ketut Suastika said, there are a number of symptoms that can be recognized […]

10 Foods That Can Lose Weight Drastically

Jakarta – Low-calorie foods can help you lose weight drastically. What is the list of foods? Food available lose weight quickly can be consumed every day. Not all calories are created equal. Each type of food passes through a different metabolic pathway in the body. In addition to managing portions, choosing the right type of […]

Five Fruits Contain Calories

Ilustrasi (actual) Waspada.co.id – Not all fruits can make a weight loss program successful, some fruits are known to contain high calories. Many people turn to fruit consumption when they want to lose weight. In fact, instead of losing, some fruits in this group can actually increase your weight. Here are some high-calorie fruits that […]

How to Lose Weight Fast, Cut Carbs and These 2 Steps

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – There are ways to lose body weight with safe. A steady weight loss of half to 1 kilogram per week is recommended for the most effective long-term weight management. Even so, many meal plans leave you feeling hungry. This is the main reason why you may find it difficult to follow a […]

Do you still gain weight despite regular exercise? Here’s the reason

Firmansyah FaithSunday, November 1 2020 – 07:20 WIBIllustration. Photo: SINDOnews / DocJAKARTA – Sports become the main choice for some people to get ideal posture, in addition to maintaining health. However, not a few also complain that their weight has not changed even though they have carried out a sports routine. Many factors influence the […]

Exercise regularly but still gain weight, why yes?

loading… JAKARTA – Having ideal posture is almost everyone’s dream. Various ways are done, one of which is by maintaining a regular diet exercise. However, many also complain that their weight has not changed even though they have carried out an exercise routine. (Also read: Safe Circumcision in Pandemic Times, What is the Protocol?) Many […]

Five Easy Steps to Reduce the Risk of Obesity

loading… JAKARTA – Please note that in addition to conditions health Other chronic diseases such as kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, obesity can also increase the risk of Covid-19 infection. (Also read: Difficult to Maintain Weight on Vacation? Here’s the Trick to Overcome It) Health experts have warned that people who are […]

Difficult to Maintain Weight on Vacation? Here’s the Trick to Overcome It

loading… JAKARTA – It cannot be denied that most people find it difficult to get through a long holiday without consuming a lot of food or snacks. Then how do you keep it body weighton this holiday? In a small study at the University of Bath, UK, researchers asked healthy adult men to increase their […]

8 Healthy Drinking Habits for Weight Loss

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Apart from food, drinks also greatly affect the weight loss process. What are you drink accounts for 18 percent of total calories per day, according to the USDA. This means that there are about 483 additional calories to the daily diet if you drink without control. Not only the type of drink […]