Loss of Sense of Smell due to Corona Virus Can Lose Weight

Suara.com – Loss of sense of smell and taste buds are the most common symptoms corona virus Covid-19. Although the symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus do not directly cause death, they are enough to change our lives in many ways. Many studies have found loss of the sense of smell and taste as a […]

Beware of Gastritis Never Healing, Maybe Symptoms of Liver Cancer

iNSulteng – For people with disease indigestion Those who have taken treatment, but have not recovered, should be vigilant. It could be, sick what you feel is a symptom heart cancer. “It’s not always easy to tell the difference heart cancer and indigestion“Head of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Liver Research Association, Dr. Irsan […]

How to Lose Weight by Avoiding These 5 Drinks

Beetroot juice was found to overcome impotence. You have to pay attention to the drinks you consume every day. SuaraKalbar.id – How to lose weight by avoiding drinks that trigger an increase body weight. Because most people who are losing weight only focus on the food they eat. In fact, the drinks consumed can also […]

Tips for Gaining a Healthy Weight

TOPSCOOR – Some people may see that diet only applies to those who intend to lower body weight. Turns out, it’s not that simple! Weight is one of the strange problems for many people, both those who have advantages and disadvantages. Just like the weight of the process of lowering the number on the scale, […]

You Want to Lose Weight? Avoid These 5 Types of Drinks!

Suara.com – Most people who want lose weight usually too focused on the food consumed. But, they didn’t realize that drink consumed also affects the body weight. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight. So, you have to pay attention to the drinks you consume every day. The following is […]

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – If you want to lose weight, change your habits by adopting a healthier lifestyle. you do not have to diet to lose weight. Many people want to be slim to look good. Though, the goal lose weight not just to keep up appearances. More than that, you can be healthier and more […]

Reasons for lack of sleep can cause weight gain

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Too much snacking can lead to weight gain and obesity in the long run. But this habit is difficult to stop, especially for people who often sleep less than seven hours yesterday. The Ohio State University research team reported that seven hours of sleep deprivation per night was associated with more snack […]

These 9 Vegetables Make Weight Loss Fast, Suitable For Dieting

Jakarta – On a diet? Try eating vegetables that make you lose weight fast. Starting from spinach, carrots, to cucumbers, these vegetables are also rich in other nutrients. Efforts to lose weight need to be done consistently. Another key to success is choosing the right food ingredients for consumption. In the vegetable group, it turns […]

5 Ways to Increase the Chances of Pregnancy for Women with PCOS

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The ovaries produce and release eggs each month as part of the normal menstrual cycle. However, when a woman suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the egg may not develop properly or may not be released during ovulation thereby affecting fertility. PCOS is caused by an imbalance hormone, […]

Lose Weight, Try Using 6 Spices from the Kitchen Below

Suara.com – Lose weight always related to physical activity and the intake you consume. In this case, various SpiceThe spices in your kitchen in fact can also help reduce body weight. Launching from Times of IndiaHere are some spices that can help you lose weight, including: 1. Turmeric Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties […]