Customer Abandoned ATM Starts, What’s This Phenomenon?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is a new phenomenon among Indonesian customers. They are no longer busy visiting Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The trend of banking digitalization has changed the behavior of bank customers. ATMs are no longer crowded in queues, because customers choose to transact simply by using digital technology, from cellphones or other […]

Embedded Finance | MoneyToday

Embedded finance = embedded financial services At its core, embedded finance describes various financial services that are integrated directly into their offers and processes by non-banks and companies that do not operate in the financial industry. This integration means a real embedding of such services in the range of offers of a company, often integrated […]

Formerly Bank Bankrupt, Now BPR Lestari Prints Assets of IDR 7.7 Trillion

Jakarta: Entering the age of 22 years and under the auspices of the Lestari Group, BPR Lestari spreads its wings throughout Java and Bali with total assets of IDR 7.7 trillion. BPR Lestari is able to offer products and facilities that can compete with big banks as well as dispel the stigma of the general […]

People Liquidate Deposits in Banks, Switch to Debt Letters

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Bank Indonesia (BI) revealed that many upper-middle class people disbursed storage area they are in banking. Instead, they transferred assets by investing in debt securities, including stocks in the era of the covid-19 pandemic. This fact was conveyed by the Assistant Governor and Head of the BI Macroprudential Policy Department, Juda […]

Banks Cut Operating Hours

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Banking, good state-owned bank as well as private banks adjust their operating hours during the implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) micro, in order to put the brakes on the rate of increase in Covid-19 cases. PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk stated that it has adjusted the branch office service […]

Getting to Know the Rising Digital Banks in Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Amount bank busy migrating or establishing a subsidiary in the form of bank digital. Financial Fervices Authority (OJK) noted that there are at least seven banks that are preparing to become digital banks. Deputy Director of Basel and International Banking OJK Tony revealed that apart from the seven banks, there are […]

RI’s Rich People’s Deposits Increase 14% in Banks, What Is This Sign?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) stated that the number of public deposits in the form of Third Party Funds (DPK) with a value of deposits above Rp 5 billion grew by 14.56% on an annual basis or Rp 432.96 trillion. The Chairman of the LPS Board of Commissioners, Purbaya Yudhi Sadewa, […]

Whoops! New Banking Malware Found That Broke Account

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A new Brazilian malware discovered by Kasperksy researchers. Named Bizarro, this malware targeted 70 banks in a number of European and South American countries. “Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to spread credential-stealing malware on electronic payments and online banking systems. Today, we are witnessing a game-changing trend in banking […]

The end of IBOR – what will change for the financial industry?

How can the transformation process succeed? Dr. Lars A. Ludwig has been an expert in business software in the finance sector and a managing director for more than 25 years Targens. With his passion for innovation and organizational development, he was awarded the highest German IT award in 2011 "CIO of the year “. He […]

How financial institutions can differentiate themselves today

Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw ” data-image-headline=” Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw ” data-image-copyright=” “> Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw The financial sector has undergone significant changes in the past few years. As new players, […]