Banken – Frankfurt am Main – Bund sells last shares in Pfandbriefbank – Bavaria

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – More than a decade after the collapse of the Munich scandal bank Hypo Real Estate (HRE), the federal government is closing a successful chapter in crisis management: The financial market stabilization fund will sell its last shares in the successor institution, the Deutsche Pfandbriefbank (pbb). The Federal Finance Agency announced […]

Alpenkrimi comes from Cologne / books / culture / /

When filming or radio plays there was a lot to do and then again little to do. In the phases with few assignments I started to write crime novels. This is how the “Willa Stark” series was initially created at Conte-Verlag. Then the Cologne-based Emons Verlag contacted me and I just had a dentist crime […]

Incidence in Cologne stagnates at a low level / Titelthemen / /

Cover topics Cologne | The development of the corona situation in Cologne and Germany is continuing with low new corona infections and incidence values. The current facts and figures for Cologne and Germany. The situation in Cologne on June 13th The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) confirmed just 18 new corona infections on yesterday, Sunday, June […]

Baerbock meme: Green MPs from Cologne are calling for more decency from the CDU / CSU in the election campaign / Politics Germany / Politics news / /

Politics News Politics Germany Screenshots of Katharina Dröge’s Twitter account and the meme about Annalena Baerbock that she complained about. | Photo: screenshot / montage Cologne | There is a meme on Twitter that Annalena Baerbock shows with the hashtag “#verdienenwiebaerbock” and that was shared by the “Christian Social Union”. In addition, a thought bubble […]