Ruthless father conspired with mistress to kill 2 biological children and was sentenced to death! Wrote 3 letters of repentance and begged for forgiveness from his ex-wife | International | CTWANT

A father and his mistress were sentenced to death for murdering their children. Before the second trial, they wrote a letter of repentance and begged their ex-wife for forgiveness. (Picture / flip from Douyin) At the end of 2020, two young children fell to their deaths from the 15th floor in Chongqing, China. At first, […]

Felix Slováček described the deteriorating condition of Dagmar Patrasová

Actress and singer Dagmar Patrasová (66) and her husband Felix Slováček (79) are not having a very happy pre-Christmas period. The musician claims to his wife that she is sick and needs to be locked up in the hospital. Instead, she proclaims that Felix is ​​definitely drinking more and that he wants to deprive her […]

Rika Fane replies to Vémol: she should have thought about it

MMA fighter Karlos Vémola (37) has always had a soft spot for beautiful women. He is currently married to his wife Lela, 33, but even so, there were reports a few weeks ago that he was having an affair with another woman. However, the batter denied and even wanted to file a criminal complaint against […]

Did Jiang Zemin rule the country with prostitution? These 4 mistresses were exposed and engaged in “grandfather-grandchild love.” They are said to have 2 illegitimate children… | China

Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the Communist Party of China, died of illness on the 30th at the age of 96. Many platforms in China have changed their interfaces to black and white to express their condolences. The outside world also looked back on Jiang Zemin’s legendary life, including the chaotic love story and […]

Video: Superbrick challenges Las Barras Padreras

‘Superalbañil’ is a young man who has gone viral to challenge various workers to see who has more strength. With millions of reproductions, the young man discovered it his followers loved the clips and asked him to challenge other characters or employees. One of the most requested was Paul Villafuerte, who He is the leader […]

Wrestler Karlos Vémola started thinking about changing residence

MMA wrestler Karlos Vémola (37) and his wife Lela (33) are going through a tough time in the shadow of betrayal. After the alleged infidelity, when Vémola’s lover was supposed to be the film actress with a star Hana Džurbanová (18) aka Rika Fane, information surfaced that they were thinking of relocating. Lela Vemola, formerly […]