FACT CHECK: Hoax, Pekanbaru City Government Withdraws Covid-19 Vaccine from Hospital because it Doesn’t Work

Merdeka.com – The Pekanbaru City Government is claimed to have withdrawn all Covid-19 vaccines from the hospital because they are not effective in preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. This information is circulating on social media Facebook, accompanied by a photo of the letterhead “Pekanbaru City Government Health Office” regarding the order to return the Covid-19 vaccine.

The letter was addressed to hospital directors throughout Pekanbaru, the order was issued in connection with an evaluation of the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination by the Pekanbaru City Government, Riau.

In the letter there is also an additional written text; “The item has been injected, how come it has just been evaluated, for those who don’t know, it’s a guinea pig. those who are immune don’t have much effect on their bodies, those who are not immune, you know the effect… there is this one, that one, some even died…

Meanwhile, the narration in his upload reads:


The efficacy of vaccines is still being pushed back, but people are being forced to vaccinate. The country itself is actually difficult to guarantee the magic of this vaccine in dealing with the corona virus.

But the people are forced, for those who do not want to be vaccinated, if the people dealing with the state are not served.



According to an merdeka.com search, according to Tempo.co, information that the Pekanbaru City Government had withdrawn the Covid-19 vaccine from all hospitals in its area. However, the reason for the withdrawal of the Covid-19 vaccine was not because it was not effective, but rather to match vaccine data in hospitals with the amount of vaccine stock.

Then reported from Kompas.com, Acting Head of Pekanbaru City Health Office Arnaldo Eka Putra said the withdrawal of the vaccine at the hospital lasted until Tuesday (8/6/2021). Arnaldo explained that the withdrawal of the vaccine from the hospital was due to an evaluation of the implementation of the vaccination.

“Withdrawal of vaccine doses because there are data that do not match. We found vaccine data in hospitals that do not match the number of vaccine doses,” said Arnaldo.

Vaccine volume data, he continued, should be available in the Electronic Logistics Immunization Monitoring System (SMILE).

“The problem is that the vaccine is injected, but it doesn’t match the P-care data,” he said. Arnaldo emphasized that the hospital should include the data of residents who have injected the vaccine in the P-Care data. This data is then entered into the computer system.

Launching from Detik.com, the Pekanbaru Health Office (Dinkes) has again distributed the COVID-19 vaccine which was withdrawn from all health care facilities. Distribution is done again after an evaluation.

“Yesterday the vaccine was withdrawn because it was evaluated so that distribution data was available. Especially from the Health Service to the hospital,” Pekanbaru COVID-19 Task Force spokesman, Ingot Hutasuhut, told reporters, Thursday (10/6/2021).

Ingot said there were many problems with the distribution of the previous vaccine. He said there was a vaccine that had been injected, but it was not reported to the Health Office. Evaluation of the distribution of the vaccine was carried out for 2 days. After the evaluation is complete, the Health Office again distributes the vaccine to health facilities to be injected into the community.

“Today, everyone is welcome to take it back. The point is yesterday it was just for evaluation, we re-data for the report because this is related to the center, the central government asked for a report,” he said


Information from the Pekanbaru City Government withdrew all Covid-19 vaccines from the hospital because they were not effective was not true or a hoax. In fact, the withdrawal was indeed carried out not because it was not effective, but because there was an evaluation of the implementation of vaccinations to match vaccine data in hospitals with the number of vaccine supplies.

Currently, the Pekanbaru Health Office is again distributing the Covid-19 vaccine which was withdrawn from all health care facilities. Distribution is done again after an evaluation.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source so that it can be justified.


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