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Apple’s Controversial new iPad Pro Ad Draws Criticism for Crushing Art Forms

Apple’s Latest iPad Pro Ad Draws Backlash – The Tech Times

Apple’s Latest iPad Pro Ad Draws Backlash

What Went Wrong with Apple’s Ad?

Apple’s most recent video ad promoting the new iPad Pro has sparked controversy and backlash within the creative community. The ad, titled “Crush!”, showcased a series of art forms and tools being crushed to produce an iPad. However, many found the ad offensive and felt that it portrayed a lack of respect for art and creativity.

Creative Community Outraged

Several members of the creative community expressed their disappointment with the ad. Prominent actor Hugh Grant expressed his dismay, stating, “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley.” Tech and media consultant Shelly Palmer described the ad as “horrifying” and questioned Apple’s perception of the creative community, asking Apple CEO Tim Cook, “Is this what you think of us? To crush the life out of our instruments? To literally crush our souls?”

Negative Reactions from Experts

Julian Sancton, senior features editor at The Hollywood Reporter, criticized the ad for sacrificing human creation for a lifeless gadget. Sancton also highlighted the ad’s insensitivity given the ongoing concerns about the impact of technology on society. Garr Reynolds, a professor and author, likened the ad to the infamous “Star Wars Holiday Special,” suggesting it should be discarded and forgotten.

Apple’s Response

Recognizing the negative feedback, Apple’s marketing vice president, Tor Myhren, issued an apology. Myhren emphasized the importance of creativity to Apple and expressed regret for missing the mark with the controversial video. Despite this apology, Apple did not address specific concerns raised by members of the creative community.

Divided Opinions

While some critics agree that the ad missed its mark, others argue that the negative reaction is exaggerated. Author Jack Appleby pointed out that many critics use Apple products in their creative work, demonstrating the products’ essential role in the industry. Nevertheless, the ad’s message and imagery clearly struck a nerve and garnered significant attention.


Apple’s ad for the new iPad Pro, titled “Crush!,” has caused quite a stir within the creative community. Despite the ad’s intention to highlight the combination of tools in the iPad, many found the portrayal of crushing art forms and tools deeply offensive. The backlash compelled Apple to issue an apology, acknowledging that they missed their mark. As the controversy continues to unfold, the ad serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting and supporting the creative community.

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