Enjoy the birthday party of Ingrid Alexandra

The Norwegian princess Ingrid Alexandra was the radiant center of all official festivities in honor of her eighteenth birthday at the end of last week. The belated birthday party provided some nice surprises: from her first official gala portrait to a unique photo with four other future heirs to the throne.

James Webb Space Telescope Hit by Space Rock

MANDALIKA NEWS – According to the statement NASAone of the telescope’s massive mirrors hit by a micrometeorid was larger than expected and larger than engineers could test NASA on earth. Although the assessment of the impact of the collision is still ongoing, but the JWST seems to be operating quite well. “The collision that occurred […]

Curaçao comes with new candidate to operate old refinery

After years of searching, there may still be a candidate to breathe new life into the Curaçao refinery. An American/Brazilian consortium with mainly Venezuelan administrators will negotiate with Curaçao over the next two months about the operation of the refinery and the management of the oil transhipment terminal on the island. That should lead to […]

Brussels: a cyclist finds herself stuck under a bus (photos)

The circumstances of the accident are still unclear. By Belga Published on 06/20/2022 at 19:34 Reading time: 1 min UA cyclist found herself trapped under a bus on Monday around 5:30 p.m. on Place Eugène Simonis in Koekelberg, Brussels firefighter spokesman Walter Derieuw said in the evening. The vehicle is owned by a private company […]

Tesla banned from city hosting annual party meeting

Zapping The Blogauto Dacia Jogger test drive Ban on Tesla circulation in Beidaihe, linked to “national affairs” The head of the Beidaihe traffic police brigade, did not provide the reason that led to the decision but said it was about “national affairs”. An announcement will be made soon, the official said. Chinese senior leadership working […]

A small village is about to overtake the spa resorts Velingrad and Hissarya

© – How can a village with about 3000 inhabitants compete with the best native spa resorts and find a place among the most visited places? It is not so difficult, but there are several conditions. To have healing mineral springs, its inhabitants to be enterprising, and the local government and private individuals to invest. […]

requalification of avenues Gambetta, Général-de-Gaulle and Iles-d’Or from October 2022

In Hyères, the requalification works of avenues Gambetta, Général-de-Gaulle and Iles-d’Or will be launched in October 2022. – In the pursuit of the requalification of the city center of Hyères (Var), redevelopments will be carried out on the avenues Gambetta, General-de-Gaulle and des Iles-d’Or, from October 2022. They are planned in three phases. The first, […]

June 21 anniversaries and events in Latvia and in the world

Anniversaries in Latvia In 1917, Harry Brass was an actor, director and singer (died in 1984). In 1959 Inta Feldmane – Member of the 8th and 9th Saeima. In 1960, Anatolijs Kreipāns was a journalist and sports commentator. In 1960, Ingrida Amantova was a former sledge rider and former director of the Murjani Sports Gymnasium. […]

Why Poultry-Based Foods Must Be Cooked Until Cooked?

KOMPAS.com – Poultry-based foods must be cooked thoroughly because it may contain bacteria or parasite which is harmful to humans. What are the bacteria and how to prevent disease caused by these bacteria? Bacteria in poultry-based foods The most common bacteria found in poultry-based foods are: Salmonella and Campylobacter. These bacteria are not only found […]

What to Do If Your IRS Refund Is Lost or Stolen – NBC New York (47)

Nothing more frustrating than waiting for your refund and tax credit payments for weeks, even months, only to discover that the money is missing or stolen. The most pressing question for taxpayers in these cases is whether they can get their checks replaced and how to track the money. You can always check the status […]