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Tesla banned from city hosting annual party meeting

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Ban on Tesla circulation in Beidaihe, linked to “national affairs”

The head of the Beidaihe traffic police brigade, did not provide the reason that led to the decision but said it was about “national affairs”. An announcement will be made soon, the official said.

Chinese senior leadership working meeting

Beidaihe, a seaside resort east of Beijing, traditionally hosts a summer seminar for China’s top leaders where they discuss personnel moves and policy ideas behind closed doors. China usually does not officially announce meeting dates.

Tesla refused entry by police in some areas of Chengdu

Unofficially announced restrictions on the movement of Tesla vehicles in Chengdu came to light earlier this month after videos were posted on social media of Tesla cars being hijacked from certain areas by the police. police.

Tesla banned from Chinese military sites

Last year, the Chinese military banned Tesla vehicles from entering its military sites, citing security concerns with cameras mounted on vehicles.

Musk said at the time that the brand’s cars did not engage in espionage operations in China or elsewhere, and that the company would go out of business if it did.

Months later, Tesla said all data generated by cars sold in China would be stored locally.

Our opinion, by leblogauto.com

Car manufacturers are increasingly equipping their vehicles with cameras and sensors that record images to visualize the environment of a car. Controlling how these images are used and where they are sent and stored is a rapidly emerging challenge for industry and regulators around the world.

Tesla cars are equipped with several external cameras to help drivers with parking, changing lanes and other features. Still, China is one of Tesla’s largest markets, and hosts one of its Giga-factories. The manufacturer manufactures Model 3 and Model Y there for the local market and for export from its factory in Shanghai, the economic center of the country.

Tesla’s Shanghai factory made about half of the 936,000 vehicles the US automaker delivered worldwide last year.

Sources : Reuters

to summarize

The Teslas will be driven non-grata in China’s coastal district of Beidaihe, the site of an annual party leadership meeting, for at least two months starting July 1, a senior official said Monday. the police on condition of anonymity.

The decision by Beidaihe authorities comes just weeks after Teslas were also banned from driving on some roads in Chengdu city in early June, while Chinese President Xi Jinping was in the city.


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