US Researchers Find Vitamin D Consumption Can Reduce Your Risk of Contracting Covid-19 – Researchers in the United States found that consuming adequate vitamin D actually reduced the risk of contracting Covid-19 by 54 percent.

Researchers claim that vitamin D adequacy is associated with significantly reduced levels of inflammatory markers as well as higher levels of blood immunity. Therefore everyone is advised to take vitamin D supplements to reduce the risk of complications from the virus.

Quoted from The Independent, Sunday (27/9), the research was led by Dr. Michael Holick from Boston University medical school, he took blood samples from 235 Covid-19 patients who were hospitalized and measured their vitamin D levels.

Patients are monitored for the severity of infection, loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing or if they are seriously ill.

Dr. Holick in his study concluded that patients who receive daily doses of vitamin D tend to experience complications.

“There is great concern that the combination of influenza infection and coronavirus infection could substantially increase hospitalizations and deaths due to complications from this viral infection,” he explained.

He added that vitamin D deficiency is widespread in children and adults in the US, especially during winter.

“It would be nice if everyone took vitamin D supplements to reduce the risk of infection and experiencing complications from Covid-19,” he added.

Since the pandemic, the link between vitamin D and the coronavirus has not met the requirements. But during the lockdown, Public Health England recommended that individuals take vitamin D supplements to counteract the effects of staying indoors.

Vitamin D itself is very important for healthy bones, muscles, and teeth, especially when obtained from sunlight.

Reporter Magang: Galya Nge



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