LA Lakers – Denver 117: 107, James led the Lakers to the NBA Finals

“King James” became the fourth player in history to advance to the finals for the tenth time. Previously, only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sam Jones and Bill Russell had fought for the title twelve times. The Lakers’ opponent will be either Miami or Boston. The Heat team leads the match 3: 2 to the matches and can decide today.

Denver has already turned two series in this year’s playoffs, in which he lost 1: 3. And he tried to do that against the Lakers. They led most of the match and the most by 16 points, but four and a half minutes before the end the difference was only four points.

Then he gave the important three Danny Green, and then James, who was unstoppable in raids, showed his strength, and nine points in a row decided the Lakers win. In the elimination fights this season, he recorded a triple double for the fourth time, which only Magic Johnson managed to do in Lakers history. In addition, no other player over the age of 35 has collected as many triple doubles.

“I’m extremely proud to be a part of the Lakers and to get them where they belong. We’ll be in the finals, that’s what we’ve been about all season. But that’s not the end of the job for me,” said James. The Lakers are 39th in the final and can win their 17th title, breaking Boston’s record.

James was again greatly assisted by Anthony Davis, who scored 27 points. “We’ve been fighting for it all season. It’s a great feeling, but we all know we need four more victories,” Davis said.

Denver basketball players, who had four playoff games on their feet more than the Lakers, already lacked the strength to make the next turn. Nikola Jokič and Jerami Gerant scored 20 points, Jamal Murray, who pulled the team throughout the playoffs with incredible performances, remained at 19 points due to leg pain.

Los Angeles biggest star Lebron James (left) watches his shot along with Jerver Grant of Denver in the second half of the fifth game of the NBA Western Conference final.

Mark J. Terrill, ČTK / AP

“We didn’t make it to the finals, but coming here and surprising so many people was a good feeling. We’ll try to come back even stronger by next season,” Murray said. “Unfortunately, today we played against a guy for whom such matches are routine and today he proved his strength,” Denver coach Michael Malone praised James’ performance.

That’s what Coach Lakers said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed a single player take control of a match like LeBron today,” said Frank Vogel.

Play off NBA v Orlandu:
Western Conference Finals – Match 5:
LA Lakers – Denver 117: 107 (final state of the series 4: 1)


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