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The telescope caught a “real monster”. It is hidden deep in space | TN.cz

James Webb’s telescope recorded a wondrous phenomenon in deep space. Astronomers have rediscovered the galaxy AzTECC71, which reminds them of a terrifying creature. They even managed to take a picture of her. Although it is monstrously large, due to the great distance it is extremely difficult to record.

Astronomers first discovered the galaxy ten years ago using the Hubble telescope. But then she was lost to them. Now, a team from the University of Texas at Austin has recorded it again using the James Webb Telescope. They subsequently published the results of their investigation in a journal The Astrophysical Journal.

Image of the galaxy from the James Webb telescope:

Galaxy AzTECC71

Galaxy AzTECC71 | Source: Provided by J. McKinney/M. Franco/C. Casey/The University of Texas at Austin

​On the artistic representation of the site SciTechDaily you can see what the galaxy might look like. It resembles a monster with large eyes and an open mouth that screams into the void. Its terrifying appearance is enhanced by the fact that it is a real giant.

“It’s a real monster. Although it looks like a tiny blob, it actually produces hundreds of new stars every year. And the fact that even something so extreme is barely visible in the most sensitive images from our latest telescope is exciting to me. Potentially it tells us that there is a whole population of galaxies that has been hidden from us until now,” noted researcher Jed McKinney in press release University of Texas.

​The team sees the galaxy as it was about 900 million years after the big bang, around 13 billion years ago. “We can study the optical and infrared properties of this heavily dust-obscured hidden population of galaxies for the first time,” boasts McKinney.

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