New legislative package presented to reform the street vending industry in NYC

NEW YORK — Street vendors demonstrated Wednesday in Manhattan, demanding reform of the industry in which they work.

They were accompanied by councilors who presented a package of legislation that seeks to help these workers.

The group is made up of street vendors from New York City, who are looking for a change to be able to work legally and without fear.

In support, city councilors presented a package of legislation that seeks to reform that industry.

“It’s about bringing common sense solutions so that they can sell and we can also live in our communities,” said Councilwoman Carmen De La Rosa. “Also understanding that they are workers like any other and deserve the opportunity and access.”

If approved, the reform:

  • Will give access to licenses to all sellers
  • It will reduce the sanctions they receive
  • It will provide them with education and information and
  • It will create additional spaces for sales

Vendors from all over the city participated in the demonstration.

“What we want is a solution, not to be kicked out and fined,” said Ani Ochoa, a street vendor from Queens.

2023-12-07 06:31:36
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