How to Avoid the Most Common Washing Machine Repair: Tips from Technicians in Spain

Washing machine repair technicians in all cities in Spain (and almost the world) almost always encounter the same problems. They themselves admit it. The most common thing when someone calls them from a desperate address Because the washing machine doesn’t work, the problem is the same: the drum has broken. That “glitch” is more common […]

“Virginia Troconis: The Best Dressed Celebrity in Spain with Unbeatable Style”

Virginia Troconis (44 years) never disappoints and always shines in every public act he attends or in his post from Instagram. Either in their networks or in any photo callTroconis focus all eyes and their clothes end up running out shortly after wearing them. As a good prescriber,Troconis She is an expert in surprising each […]

Etiquette for Classical Music and Opera Concerts: Tips for a Better Experience

“You have just destroyed one of the most beautiful passages of this work.” This was the reprimand that the conductor William Christie addressed to the spectators of the National Auditorium in Madrid during a concert in December 2016. The maestro nationalized French stopped the interpretation of the Messiah of Händel when in the stalls a […]

Stars shine on the Cannes red carpet for 76th film festival

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The Cannes Film Festival, which is considered the most glamorous among film festivals in the world, returns this year for its 76th edition. Over the next 11 days, exclusive film screenings from the most famous names in Hollywood will take place on La Croisette. It will receive A-list celebrities […]

“Alia Bhatt Faces Trolls for Carrying ‘Empty’ Bag at Gucci Event”

Alia Bhatt, the global ambassador of the luxury fashion brand Gucci, is abuzz with trolls on social media. Social media reports that Alia’s bag was empty when she arrived at the Gucci Cruise show in Seoul, South Korea. Alia styled Gucci’s own Jackie 1961 transparent bag. Since it is transparent, the entire bag can be […]