Now the brunette: Larisa Dolina changed her image

Ekaterina Danilova The singer posted a poster for the event, which surprised the fans a lot. Larissa Valley. Photo: Global Look Press 66-year-old pop singer Larissa Valley strongly hypanula on the conflict with the tiktoker Valya Karnaval (real name – Karnaukh) in the YouTube show “Musicality”. The performer decided not to stop and radically changed […]

New York, still an inspiration for decoration?

Sound of sirens in the background. A wall of red bricks. A very comfortable faux leather sofa. A bed set that represents the Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan. Yes, you are in New York. Well almost… You will also be interested One of America’s most important cities continues to inspire the architects and brands, as evidenced […]

the Agamama campaign and Look Art Style

Going to the hairdresser this October can take on a much more important meaning than getting prettier, changing your look, getting your nails done, and even giving yourself a well-deserved massage. It can be translated into a beautiful gesture of solidarity that consists of collaborating with the women of the Cádiz association Agamama (Cádiz Association […]

American won $ 100 thousand thanks to the “voice in the head”

Photo: Nolan Steele won $ 100,000 in the lottery Nolan Steele spent ten dollars on an instant lottery ticket at the direction of a mystical voice. A resident of the city of Sykesville in the US state of Maryland won $ 100 thousand in the lottery and attributed his success to mysticism. This was […]

Mark Bryan: Even Rihanna and Marc Jacobs love it – style

Click, click, click. It all started with these Instagram videos of a person in insanely high heels stalking across the platform of a commuter train station. The cell phone camera is placed on the floor, the person walks away from the camera, which means that you first see the pumps, then those incredibly muscular calves. […]

Does a good credit card change everything?> July 01, 2021 – 9:05 pm Clock With the credit card in the boutiques of Paris, Milan & Co? Credit cards are not just there to buy things on credit. Instead, they should provide advantages for the jet-setters among us when traveling and shopping. It is also no wonder that providers advertise additional services […]

Martha Debayle and her stylish floral look she modeled in New York

3/6 In another of the photos that she uploaded to her networks, the famous made it clear that it only takes one dramatic piece to achieve an original, stylish and very striking look when posing on your back, smiling at the camera, taking the wind in your favor so that your blouse will float to […]

The Microsoft show began in style. Starfield and Halo Infinite

The Xbox show was kicked out by Todd Howard of Bethesda. In the mole trailer we could see an expected sci-fi title Starfield. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anything from the game itself, the whole trailer was a pre-rendered view of a spaceship on the surface of an alien planet. The game will be released exclusively […]