In high school I was chubby, not very pretty

“In high school, I was chubby, not very pretty, clumsy – a girl who, when she looks in the mirror, doesn’t like herself, but says to herself: “It’s okay, I’ll only get prettier with the years!” It was a painful decision. At a time when girls can walk in minutesI walked in a long, thick, […]

A couple of actors of the Daile Theater are expecting a baby

When asked about upcoming changes in the lives of both, Gints speaks evasively, saying: “I don’t want to comment on anything now. We’ll talk when it happens.” On the other hand, a colleague of the actors has confirmed that Erika will no longer be seen on stage for some time and that other actresses have […]

“I have used alcohol only once in my life”

“I have used alcohol only once in my life. It was when I was a teenager – I drank and then I no longer remembered who I was and what I was doing. The shame was so great that I decided that I would never again have such a situation in my life when I […]

Ingars Viļums surprises with rapid weight loss

Viewers noticed Viļuma’s changes in the program ‘Latvijas sirdsdziesma’, where he toured with his new music group ‘Three men in a boat’. In a conversation with “Private Dzīvi”, Viļums reveals that neither diet nor some new sporting passion is to blame, but a more serious reason. “Weight loss is associated with the post-op period, when […]

Agrita Bindre got rid of 60 kilograms

“A couple of months ago, I decided to get closer to my goal – to lose the last few extra pounds and wear my dream dress!” says Agrita, revealing that his goal has been achieved. While she’s still not happy with her lower abdomen, Agrita is proud of what she’s accomplished. “I’ve been waiting for […]