Why novice drivers should buy a VAZ-2115 instead of a foreign car

A number of experts consider the Russian sedan one of the leading bestsellers. After obtaining a driver’s license, young people often face the challenge of choosing between a domestic car or a used foreign car. This choice is complicated by the fact that budgets for novice drivers are limited, so you can’t count on cars […]

colleague Marina Alexandrova exposed the relationship with the actress

Sergei Makovetsky made it clear that he is more than a friend for the star of the series “Catherine”. What will the artist’s husband say? 2019 was a fruitful year for Marina Alexandrova to cooperate with Sergey Makovetsky. First, they starred in the comedy “Odessa Steamboat”, and then became the main characters of the play […]

In Bosnia, turned the VAZ-2121 into a hearse – the network laughs

“The last way – with the howling of the transfer case,” – motorists are funny. VAZ-2121 widely distributed not only in Russia, but also in European countries. So, on the eve of the network showed elongated “Niva”which the craftsman from Bosnia and Herzegovina turned into hearse. The car’s wheelbase was increased in such a way […]

New Hyundai Tucson has become a “semi-Chinese”

The Chinese market will like it, but not so much. The Korean auto industry took a long time to become popular and advanced even against the backdrop of European countries. Did they do it? Of course, because now Hyundai and KIA are a huge success not only in Russia, but in all countries where these […]

La Stampa called 80% of Russia’s aid to Italy worthless :: Politics :: RBC

China, newspaper sources said, delivered much more useful products to the country – masks, personal protective equipment and apparatus for mechanical ventilation. The Italian authorities assured the press that all Russian goods were delivered to the country for free as part of the assistance. “However, generosity has a high price: Russian troops move freely on […]

80s fashion is back! Motorists rated the VAZ-2108 at 1 million rubles

Down with the salon, which back hurts. On the eve of the web were published pictures of the modernized VAZ-2108 – the “white crow” in the world of Lada. Moreover, motorists rated LADA Samara at 1,000,000 rubles, after which they themselves were in shock. The situation is that the owner of the eminent VAZ-2108 did […]

What was so bad IL-2126

After the collapse of the USSR, the Russian auto industry was a rather deplorable sight anyway, but among them was a model that could be called an Ode to low quality – IL-2126. “Oda” began to be developed back in 1975, but its release into the series was repeatedly postponed. As a result, the car […]